Care for Puppy Mill Survivors

Thanks to a generous sponsor, Road Dogs Rescue was recently able to get 12 dogs from a Puppy Mill auction in the Mid West. This is where the Puppy Mill breeders sell their 'product' to other Puppy Millers and Pet Stores - and buy more. The goal was to pay as little as possible so as not to line their pockets, but to save some lives and have these dogs put real faces to the horrible industry. By helping to raise awareness on what really goes on behind Pet Stores and online puppies, we hope to be able to inspire people and legislators to act to stop them. 

Bea, our main pic, was the reason I wanted to save as many as we could. I had seen her photo in the online catalogue for a previous auction and she broke my heart. Her xrays showed she had the worst hip dysplasia the vet had seen, and yet she would have been bred and bred. We got her and another 'proven breeder' from an auction a couple of weeks before. 

Now with these 14 dogs safe, we have a lot of medical to catch up on. These guys have not seen a vet in a while. I honestly don't know how much it will all cost but with 14 dogs, it won't be cheap. Of course they are all riddled with parasites, and we have to spay and neuter everyone.  Bea and Audrey (the smiling English girl from the vid) both need entropion surgery, and Millie needs surgery for luxating patella. 

Please help us get these guys the care they need. They deserve it!

We will keep everyone updated on their progress. 


  • Again, thank you to everyone who has donated so far!  

    I just posted a few new pics!   As you can see, English Bulldog mill mama Audrey is just as happy as they come!  Even though her ears are nearly shut through neglect and infection.  Such a sweet girl. 

    Iona saw the eye specialist yesterday and is on meds for eye trauma. One of the reasons we picked her was because her notes said she had an eye injury and I wanted to make sure it would be taken care of properly.  And not it is!  She is slowly coming out of her shell!

     The other pups are all doing well in their fosters.  7 year-old Frenchie mama, Gertie is also thrilled be be treated like a beauty queen now, lol.

    Unfortunately, Hartley, the smallest of the bulldog puppies has got sick though and currently hospitalized - for possible pneumonia or distemper.  I am really hoping it's not distemper.  So please keep the love and good thoughts coming. 

    Thank you again for supporting Road Dogs & Rescue!

    April 18, 2017

  • Wow. Thank you so much to everyone who has donated already!  The dogs have all been parasite and Heart Worm tested and while a bunch do have giardia (no surprise there!) they are all Heart Worm Neg. Now they go to foster homes to decompress before they are all spayed and neutered.  Audrey is having entropion surgery as we don't want her to get eye ulcers from rubbing eyelashes. 

    Little Iona is still vert shut down as you can see from the new video posted.  We got her at the auction specifically because she was listed as having an eye issue.  Her right eye has gone cloudy so she's seeing the specialist Monday morning,  

    April 14, 2017