Heartworm Treatments

$20.00 raised of $3,500.00

April is Heartworm Awareness month and White River Animal Rescue needs your help healing the heart's of 6 beautiful dogs: Murphy, Walker, Mary, Rosie, Willie Goldie. 

Murphy, Walker, and Goldie all came from a high kill shelter in Memphis. Walker and Murphy seemed to have once lived in a home and must of been dumped at the shelter, they were both house broken and with good manners around their fosters. Goldie must have been a stray in the Memphis area and picked up by the shelter. 

Willie came from Texas as a stray. He is currently in a foster who is also his rescuer. 

Rosie seems to be a stray because she does not socialize well to other dogs or people. She came out of the Arlington area pregnant. When x-rays were taken she had 7 puppies in her tummy. The night before her flight out to join White River Animal Rescue she started to deliver her babies. Unfortunately, all of her puppies had crossed the rainbow bridge and passed. Poor Rosie is not only Heartworm positive, but she also has ear infections, and a UTI. 

Someone had dumped Mary into a shelter with her two week old babies in Texas. The original notice and call for rescue was only from the puppies. When the foster/volunteer arrived at the Texas shelter she realized Mary was the puppies mother and could not leave her behind. She is currently living in a wonderful foster home which we hope becomes a potential forever home. 

Please donate to their care and help kill their Heartworms. Any dollar amount contributed to their health is greatly appreciated.