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Carmen's Fight for Life

$700.00 /$2,500.00

Color: Fawn

Size: Large

Sex: Female

Age: Adult

Carmen came in straight from the Columbus Animal Control truck that had picked up her lifeless body on the side of a road. Time was critical, Carmen had been attacked and was so dehydrated even the Vet could not get a vein for an IV. Subq fluids needed to be given before we could ever attend her many wounds. She is in stable condition now, awaiting surgery for the huge gash on her neck. It took 3 hours to administer first aid to this poor girl. 


Posted on May 06, 2017

Carmen is still at the Vet office. She just recently had all of her 6 tubes removed and is healing. Unfortunately she may loose an eye after all. She is in good spirits, loves the vet staff and all the doggies there. We still don't know what happened to her but all her previous scares tell a story. In spite of it all, she is a happy girl that deserves a great home once released from medical care at Benning Road Animal Hospital.

Posted on April 20, 2017

Carmen was stable enough to have surgery today. This little girl was near death when the Animal Control Truck dropped her off at our shelter Saturday. What saved her that day was 3 hours of first aid and fluids, lots of fluids. It was a blessing that Dr Riddick was available to help. 6 draining tubes, many stitches and a great veterinarian team. Please help us with her medical costs, every dollar counts.

"Six drain tubes One actually goes behind her retrobulbar space behind her left eye And under the zygomatic arch. That would have been a super nasty abscess. She had an abscesses mammary gland as well. Also, her right eye has a nasty corneal ulcer that we are treating. She is holding her eye open it should heal but will take awhile.

Poor Carmen! I feel like she will be ok but wow I can't believe she survived the attack."

-- Dr. Keri Riddick

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