Make Mavis Well

  • Breed: Pit Bull Terrier
  • Name: Mavis
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: Adult

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Mavis was saved from a local Atlanta shelter on April 20, 2017. She was pretty lethargic from her spay surgery upon pick up, and after a few days of continued discomfort, her fosters decided she needed to see the vet. What we were hoping was just a nasty case of kennel cough has turned into quite a bit more. Mavis was transferred to a specialist veterinary hospital on April 24th and is currently in the respiratory ward being treated by a critical care team. She's been diagnosed with pneumonia with additional test results pending. Here's what else we know:

- She's on oxygen and a nebulizer, so she's resting as comfortably as possible.

- She's receiving fluids to help get her hydrated.

- She's on medication to help bring her fever down -- her temperature last night was 102.3.

- A sample of her mucus has been sent to the University of Georgia for additional testing.

- She does have heartworm disease, but her doctor is hopeful that is not playing a part. We'll treat that in the coming months.

- She's a sweet, sweet, sweet bully with no ears, a cute waddle, and a gentle spirit. Everyone loves her!

We can only speculate about Mavis's life before she ended up in the shelter, but we do know she deserves better than what she had. And we're committed to getting her well and better than ever.

So far Mavis's medical bills have climbed to nearly $2,000 -- and she's only been at the hospital one night. Any donation amount is so greatly appreciated and will go directly to help cover her current medical expenses.

Please follow for additional updates.