Julia's Liver is giving out!

Great Lakes Boxer Rescue

Great Lakes Boxer Rescue

We at Great Lakes Boxer Rescue take in abandoned, sick and unwanted boxers in the State of Michigan. We are an all-volunteer group of dedicated individuals who have the hearts and passion to help this amazing breed. We have, and will continue on a daily basis, to make as much of a difference to as many boxers that we can, to care for, rehabilitate, and to help them overcome any known mental or medical issues that are apparent. We will then closely screen, including doing home visits, for any potential adopter, to ensure that each dog, is re homed into the best home possible for that particular dog. 

When boxers are in need, GLBR volunteers will respond. Our mission includes hands-on rescue, as well as educating as many people as we can about the breed and the need to spay and neuter your animals, and to stop the overpopulation of animals. It is our hope that our efforts will enhance the lives of people as well as the dogs. It is our hope and determination that we can make a difference in this world to help one dog at a time, as many times as we can.

Julia's liver is giving out, she only has limited time to live and needs medication to keep her comfortable.

$135.00 /$400.00

Breed: Boxer

Color: Fawn

Size: Medium

Sex: Female

Age: Senior

Julia is a senior girl, she is a favorite of the shelters. She was found as a stray and was in the shelter for some time. Upon bringing her into Great Lakes Boxer Rescue and running multiple blood panels we discovered she is Heartworm positive and might have liver issues. Her bile acids are sky high right now and the vet is recommending Julia see an internist over at Michigan State University for further testing. We do not know how we will proceed with her Heartworm treatment right now, it will depend on what the internist says. Her appointment is scheduled for the end of May.

But despite this news, Julia is a happy playful girl. And she has the most ridiculous overbite!


Posted on June 05, 2017

Last week we posted that Julia was given only about 2 months to live due to her liver disease. We had a couple of days, where we were not sure if Julia was going to pull through. Her Foster family held their breath and kept their fingers crossed. She started to feel better and bounced back. Here she is playing with the new toys that were passionately bought for her by a big time angel, Eileen, who buys lots of new toys for our Foster babies. Julia is loving her new blanket and LOVES the soft, squeaky toys. She may not have long to live, but she will know she is loved. Her Foster mom said she played with the toys for a bit, than got tired and laid on her bed for a nap. Thank you for your gifts Eileen, and thank you Friends of Fido for your donations to help with her medical costs. Bless you.

Posted on May 31, 2017

Sad news. As we mentioned this morning, Julia had an appointment at MSU today to see a specialist as all testing has been showing us she has severe liver issues. Well, the vet did another ultrasound today and it looks like there are too many shunts that are going around her liver along with a lot of scar tissue, and the vet feels she has had this condition for a very long time and says she is in the end stage of liver disease that cannot be fixed. The vet gives her two months to live. We will keep her on the medicine that is helping her symptoms, but that will only work for a little while. Her Foster mom and dad will continue to foster her until the end and shower her with love and kisses. All prayers are appreciated.

Posted on May 26, 2017

Julia’s liver issues are causing her ammonia levels to climb high which is also causing her a lot of neurological issues and instability. We took her into the vets on Monday to check her bile acid count, and the vet has her on some different antibiotics right now while we wait for the results to come back. She is doing a bit better but still disoriented and sometimes runs into the walls as well as other dogs. Julia has an appointment with a specialist at Michigan State University on May 31st for a consult and more testing. We still have not been able to start her treatment for heart worms until we know if, and when she will feel better.

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