Holistic Cancer Treatment

  • Name: Raiden
  • Sex: Male

When Raiden came into rescue, he had a tumor which turned out to be squamash carcinoma, neoplastic, and it had already spread to his lymphatic system- terminal cancer. He was given around 2-6 months when he was diagnosed, so it is K9 Kismet's goal to him the best life for however long he has.


He deserves as much peace, dignity, and love as possible so that is what he is being given. Raiden has stolen the hearts of many people and will surely win yours.


"I'm so very grateful to all of you because I'm not sure what would have happened had not so many loved me. I'm on my way and I can go the distance in style! Thank you so much!" -Raiden


  • Raiden is doing well despite being terminal. He has found the will to fight! You can help make sure he lives a happy life for however long he has left. 

    June 23, 2017