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Brown Paws Pet Sitting and Rescue


Brown Paws Pet Sitting and Rescue

“The love of animals and the passion of rescue runs deep within me. From the time I was a child, I have always had a constant pull to save animals in danger. From ducklings/geese crossing the street, to now these dogs on euthanasia lists at high kill shelters, each and every one of them deserve the chance to know what love is. There are far too many that will never know and my mission is to help make a different for the ones I’m able to reach. In rescue, all the help we can get makes a difference, from donating, volunteering, or sharing, I appreciate all the support we can get and that can come in many different ways. Thank you for checking out my rescue.” Becky Brown, Founder

A Van for our Transport Rescues

$425.00 /$40,000.00

We Need a Van to Continue Rescuing!

Brown Paws Pet Sitting and Rescue does a lot of rescuing and a big part of that is through safely transporting animals, saving them from over populated areas, hoarders, and kill shelters.

On this last trip (see pics above!), we learned about a few of the animals. We had a group come from Lubbick, Texas and another from Oklahoma. My favorite dog on this trip was a sweet german shepherd mix named Athena. She came from an abusive household and gets very shy around some men. She has now been adopted by a friend of the shelter. We are hopeful they will be able to build a bond that will help her heart heal.  

We also picked up a group of boxer puppies. These puppies had been thrown from a moving vehicle in a pillow case when their owner obviously didn't want to take care of them anymore. That's not the worst of it. One of the pups got out of the pillow case, tried to chase the car to get back to his owner, and ended up getting run over BY HIS OWNER. He suffered quite a few injuries that his foster down south took care of. A broken leg being the worst of it.

We also picked up Susie. She just found her forever home with an elderly man who was looking for a companion. We found her while on transport. She was hanging outside of a barn near the foster's home. She was obviously a stray and in need of a lot of love. We're very excited for her knowing that she landed in a great home.

And then there's Red. (I get attached to so many of these dogs!) Red is a large shepherd mix. Before we picked him up, we were told that he should go to a home without any kids and no other dogs because he needs to be socialized and could be "a risk." We were a little timid when we got Red off the van at our rescue. However, within 2 hours we had Red sitting, shaking, AND rolling over. He became very attached to the man who drove our van down to go get him. He loves the puppies that he is in foster with and is the most gentle giant I think I have ever met. He's still looking for his forever home, but we do have a few applications.

The joy that came from saving so many animals at once is mind blowing. The joy that fills our hearts when saving animals is something I cannot explain. When you see dogs with smiling faces, you know you are making them feel loved and safe.

To save all of these animals, we currently rent a van from a local dealership, but renting costs upwards of $1,000 for the weekend. That means that if we transported every weekend, it would cost us upwards of $52,000/year. As you can imagine, it's not sustainable for us to do that. Having a van of our own would allow us to do as many rescues as needed. It would also mean that we would save on other costs in the long-term. Sometimes our hauls are far and long and we get tired, resulting in hotel over night stays. Having a van of our own big enough to keep the dogs in and for us to have a cushioned area in the back means that we could take turns driving and sleeping along the way. This would result in our turnaround time being cut in half, and also less costs on hotel stay.  

Donations are everything. We can not make this happen without your help. If you can open your heart to helping us purchase a vehicle of our own, we would not have to waste money on rentals and hotel stays. And we realize that $40,000 is a significant number, but everything helps! If 5 people gave $20.00, it would turn into $100.00 really fast. What if 5 people donated $100.00? We'd have $500 before we even knew it! What if you donated $500? Together, we can save more animals through transport!


Posted on July 09, 2017

We are making another transport this weekend on the 15th. At this point, we are still renting the van. It costs an average of $1,000 for the weekend not including hotel stops, food, gas, etc. If we could get a van donated, it would pay itself off in no time!! Please consider donating to our cause! Every little bit helps and we appreciate everything our supporters do for us!

Posted on June 06, 2017

We accomplished another transport this last weekend. Around 30 dogs are now safe and some still looking for their forever homes! We'd love to do another transport next month. Help us raise the funds to buy our own van so this isn't such an expense? Thank you to those who have donated! You truly are amazing to us and we really appreciate it!

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