Brutally tortured by his owner and attacked by fighting dogs

  • Breed: Pitt bull Mix
  • Name: Stormy
  • Color: Brown
  • Size: Medium

Brutally wounded and tortured by his owner and then used as a bait dog in the most horrific way imaginable.  Stormy needs to be in the Emergency Vet Hospital Now and URGENTLY needs your help!!!  

Stormy's owner allegedly tortured him by cutting him up with knives and throwing him to the fighting dogs. The owner cut him up so badly that he would bleed and the dogs would smell the blood.

When Stormy did not die, the man chained Stormys neck and tied a rope to the collar and strung the rope to the ceiling of the garage. Stormy couldn't do anything but stand up, as there was not any room on his chain to allow him to sit or lay down.

Stormy was taken to a nearby Vet who could only do the basics to help Stormy. He gently washed Stormy's painful bite and knife wounds and sent Stormy home with pain medicine and antibiotics. This is not nearly enough medical care to help Stormy, he needs to be Hospitalized, on IV's and watched carefully. Unfortunately, our rescue owes too much in Vet bills, and we don't have any extra funds to spend right now.  

We desperatly need your help to pay for Stormy to have proper Medical treatment.  No donation is too small.  Please help!!  


  • Stormy was adopted today!!! He will be spoiled and loved for the rest of his days!  We couldn't be happier! 

    July 31, 2017

  • We want to thank Mike Palmer owner and amazing friend to all animals for you generous heart! The 100 ( 50 pound bags! wow) of dog food will go a very long way. Our medical bills have exceeded $150,000 and this will help the animals tremendously!

    We have been partners with Premier Pet Supply for over 16 years now (YIKES does time fly) We treasure every moment. You have been an inspiration to so many.

    Please give Mike a shout of gratitude for all he has done.....


    Everyone loves Mike not Raymond lol!!

    July 28, 2017

  • There comes a time when you meet a dog that is so gregarious, so loving so utterly amazing. Well, thats our Stormy.....

    This guy has been through so much abuse, sadness, neglect you name it and he shines like the brightest star above.

    All Stormy wants to do is love and be loved. His zest for life is indescribable, so incredibly resilient is he.

    We love Stormy because of his heart wrenching sad story, but Stormy goes further than his story. He is the most fun loving, happy go lucky, to the moon and back boy with a charismatic personality that makes anyone who meets him jump for joy! He is the epitome of feel good.

    We are all shaking our heads in true amazement. Is this darling boy just so happy to be happy that he radiates so much love?

    Well, what ever it may be..... Stormy is the true meaning of of love and rescue.

    Please fill out an application for our 

    to the moon boy at 

    July 26, 2017

  • Hey! It's me, Stormy, the most adorable 4 y/o Staffy Mix boy you'll ever meet! Here I am pictured going on a lunch break with Almost Home's Assistant Manager. She loves me A LOT (well, everybody who meets me does) and takes me out for car rides all the time :)

    I am really excited for this weekend, because I really believe I will find my perfect Furever Family! I am THE SWEETEST dog you will EVER meet! For those who don't know, I was used as a bait dog and was severely abused by my previous owner. I was rescued by Almost Home and the City of Southfield and got a ton of medical help. Well, I've recovered nicely, and let me tell you, I will never stop showing my gratitude. I am THE MOST gentle, loving dog there is. I will constantly give you hugs. I want to be near my humans constantly. I want to be touching you constantly! I will sit on your lap and get as close to you as I can... in fact, if I could crawl inside you, I would, just to be as close to your heart as possible! I am a glutton for love! Do you blame me? I just can't get enough after being neglected and mistreated my whole life. I am so appreciative for loving gentle humans, that I want to be as close with you as possible, all the time!

    I do well with cats, dogs, and kids! I am the biggest sucker for love you'll meet, so if you have a lot of love to give, then I'd love to be your man! 

    July 26, 2017

  • Hi everyone it's me Stormy!!!!!

    Almost Home gets to keep me and find me a loving, responsible forever home as well as my whole family!!!!! Yippee!!!!! Me, Miley, Margo, Morris, Maya, Micka, Morton are free!!!!!

    The lawyers at the city of Southfield Sue and Dawn won our cruelty case. 

    Please give a shout of appreciation to their dedication, determination and love for us. They worked really hard to save us. Some of us furchildren almost had to go back to our owner. But Sue and Dawn fought to the very end. They refused to leave any of us behind.

    You see we don't have a voice. We depend on people to help us when we are being abused, used and mistreated. Animals don't have much rights so we need you to help us.

    One day things will be different.....One day we won't have to be frightened, sad and hurt. One day we will not have to rely on caring attorneys and rescue people and FB friends to defend us, because more and more people will keep fighting for our freedom, so we can all be treated like family and not like a non living thing.

    The more notoriety we get the more people will be aware of the pain and suffering us animals go through on a daily basis.

    Thank you all for all your incredible love, feelings and support.

    Thank you for your innate and genuine love for us.

    Thank you Miss Sue and Miss Dawn and Almost Home and all of you!

    I truly love life now. I love it more then ever before.

    So please fill out and online application for me or anyone of my family members. I'm so excited for Miley as she was the first to be adopted in my family!!

    Please contact Almost Home-No Kill Shelter to fill out an application for us. We can't wait..... A new start.....a new life.... and new loving family.

    Love, Stormy

    I can't wait!!!!! I can't wait !!!!!!!!!

    July 19, 2017

  • Stormy is doing great!!   He loves to give hugs, and is the most affectionate dog despite everything he has been through.  Now all he needs now is a family. He is good with other dogs and seems to loves everybody!

    July 13, 2017

  • Look who's finally back from the hospital and doing so much better! You guessed it...STORMY!!!

    Thank you to everyone who shared and donated towards stormy's recovery. He's doing so much better and truly does love people! It's amazing how forgiving he is after he was mistreated so badly by a human. Stormy is passing through his storm and on the road to recovery in finding his furever home.

    July 11, 2017

  • Stormy will be released from the Emergency Vet Clinic tomorrow! 

    He will staying at Almost Home-No Kill Shelter where he will continue to heal and learn to trust.

    Photos to come soon. 

    July 06, 2017

  • Stormy is still being treated for multiple wounds, and he desperately needs your help. 

    It is not easily controlled as abscesses have formed mostly in his leg area. He is going through pain management and the Dr.'s are keeping a close eye on his blood levels.  His blood work has elevations, and much of it is due to the trauma he has been though. 

    Stormy's disposition has been remarkable.  The staff have all fallen head over heals over him.  He is eating and receiving a ton of love and attention.  Stormy is receiving warm compresses to help with pain and to hopefully relieve some of his abscesses.  This seems to be helping the red swollen areas, and is done on a regular basis.

    Stormy is a trooper. Sadly, the way he has been treated for so many years is all he knows, and he thinks life is supposed to be that way.   It's obvious to us now that he has endured this treatment for a very long time, because many of his wounds are old scars and old wounds.  How he survived is truly a miracle. 

    Fortunately, We saved him just in the nick of time because the infection running through his body was getting too much for him to fight off on his own.

    We still need your help!  Stormy's vet bills are now nearing $10, 000.00  for all of his treatment and Emergency Hospital care.  He has not been released yet, and any Donation that goes over his wish amount will continue to go toward his care and the healing treatments he will need when he is released, as well as any training he will need to learn new ways and be an acceptable dog in a forever home.  

    June 25, 2017

  • Stormy had a huge abscess on his leg, that has been drained and it is now beginning to heal.   He is eating and regaining his strength, but still under the Emergency Vet Hospital's care.  

    We are working with two Attorney's and the Animal warden to do whatever we can to prosecute Stormy's "owner" to the fullest extent of the law.  We will do whatever we can to make sure charges are pressed against him and to get him to release ownership of the rest of his pets.  He is currently asking for 3 of his females back.  We do have 6 of his other pets in our care.  

    June 23, 2017

  • Stormy is receiving supportive care and needs a chance to heal and build up his strength before being able to safely undergo any large procedure. He is positive for worms and his body is full of infection. He is being treated with pain medicine, anti inflammatories, and antibiotics. His red, inflamed, skin on his leg is cellulitis, which will need an aggressive and thorough course of antibiotic treatment. He is stable, the doctor says so far, the wounds seem to be on their way to healing nicely, but he needs to be closely monitored for continued signs of improvement.

    This is an ongoing assessment, and will take time to peel back the layers of his trauma. Our vet is also writing a cruelty letter attesting to the injuries inflicted upon Stormy. We appreciate everyone's concern, and understand the emotion and anxiousness we all feel about getting a good health report on Stormy and justice for him. Unfortunately, it is a very dynamic and slow, but steady process.

    Thank you for all of your donations so far and all the passion you have shown for Stormy.  Please continue to follow Stormy's story and help with his medical bills.  We need all the help we can get to get him well, and he will need ongoing treatment and possible training to learn trust.  We are sure that he will have a long recovery process as well. 

    June 20, 2017

  • Stormy was Placed into an Emergency Veterinary Hospital over the weekend.  He will be under close watch and given great care.  

    We want to thank everyone for the support that has already come in for Stormy's care.  Please continue to help.  Stormy is not out of the woods yet, and we still need help to make sure that he can receive all the medical attention that he may need.  Stormy will need to regain his strength before he can be released from the Hospital, so that he can finish recovering in his Foster home.  He will most likely have a lot of hurdles to overcome in the future and learn to trust again. 

    June 19, 2017