• Breed: Pit Bull Terrier
  • Color: Black
  • Size: Large
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: Senior

Help Poochie Through Chemo, This Senior...


$170.00 raised of $500.00

Back in March we were lucky to get the call on sweet poochie. Yes she is 17 years old. She was on death row out Staten Island ACC.  Our small 501c3 home-based rescue decided that Poochie was going to stay with us. After her first visit to the vet, we knew her heart was strong and lungs were clear. But 17? Wow! She had the start of arthritis in her hips and legs. Everyday got a bit tougher walking around. The 4 stairs going out to the backyard got tougher and tougher to walk up and down. Just recently Poochie started drastically slowing down. She no longer could walk down the stairs so we carried her. Then she could not walk up the stairs. So we carried her. She had stopped eating her everyday food. So we fed her whatever we could get her to eat. But she was still drinking water and taking her vitamins. It was time to go see the doctors.

When we arrived they were shocked to see her like this just a few months later. Our hearts broke watching her as she tried to get up on her own. She never gave up. But with positive assistance she did it. She had blood work drawn. Sadly, her red blood count is way low. At first they were thinking the "C" Word. But then they started with a possible Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia with Thrombocytopenia.

Poochie received 4 shots 2 antibiotics, 1 anti inflamatory and 1 steriod. She was also given a pill which is for chemo. We had to watch her closely and she seem to be doing fine. Still sleeping a lot.

The next step will be to admit her to the hospital for IV antibiotics and a blood transfusion.

Please dig deep and if you can help that woukd be great!! Thank you !!


  • Well Poochie finished all of her meds today.  So next week she will be heading into the vet for geriatric blood screen.  Please donate.. 

    July 07, 2017

  • Well, here is our update after Poochie's Vet visit and her CBC

    Our Senior girl out of the Staten Island ACC I think she is part cat and has some extra lives in her. It seems the Chemo meds, the steroids and the antibiotics are working!!

    Okay Back on June 19th when we first brought her in her counts were so low. Our poor Poochie could barely hold up her head...

    As you can see from the pictures of the test below her counts were all so low...

    BUT TODAY... :D :D :D ITS WITH HAPPY TEARS I TELL YOU HER COUNTS ARE GOING UP. The chemo meds are making her bone marrow produce more red blood cells and its working ITS REALLY WORKING!! <3


    I am so glad we decided not to put her up for adoption and let her live her life out here.

    We are planning a day at the beach for her. Then a stroll on the boardwalk.. well her stroll will consist of her sitting in an unbrella covered wagon and a battery operated fan. Nothing less for our Queen Poochie. She will eat whatever she wants and for dessert nothing else but an orange cream from Kohrs.

    Well, she had a birthday party video. Next a trip to the shore and the boardwalk....hmmm what to do next......

    We love our Poochie <3 <3

    June 27, 2017

  • Good Morning!! 

    Poochie will be heading to the vet this morning.  They will be doing another CBC to see if the meds are working to rebuild her red blood cell count up.  Please she needs your help.  If you do not like to donate here, please call All Creatures Great & Small 973-227-7789 and tell them you want to help Poochie a Scooby-doo Dog.

    If her meds are not doing what they are suppose to, she will be receiving a blood transfusion....I will post the est. if it comes to this...

    Please donate and share..

    Thank you

    June 26, 2017

  • Well, we heard from Poochies doctors.  Her lab results came in.  Her red blood count is so very low.  Her white blood count is fine.  She is an extreme anemic.  This is causing her not to eat and making her lethargic.  Today we met with her doctor and she starts her round of meds.  These meds are harsh.  The first is enrofloxacin - this is an antibiotic.  Next is Prednisone - a steroid... Here's the big one.. Azathioprine - this is a chemo medication.  They are using this medication to make the blood cells fight each other and build up the red blood cells.

    None of these meds are extremely expensive but if they dont work then Poochie will be admitted, put on IV antibiotics and a blood transfusion.  Please pray they work.

    Our small rescue could really use your help. 

    Please...No donation is too small...

    Thank you 

    June 21, 2017

  • Received a  call from Poochie's Doctor tonight.  Her lab work was in.  Well she is extreme anemic.  Before they perform a blood transfusion they are going to do a round of chemo meds, and antibiotic and a strong steriod.  So Wednesday morning I will be heading over to pick it all up.  I will post the bill and add it on.  Please help...Thank you.. 

    June 20, 2017