Bulldog Haven NW

Emergency care for extremely labored breathing

$505.00 /$3,500.00

Breed: Bulldog

Color: White and Tan

Size: Large

Sex: Female

Age: Adult

Oatmeal ("Oatty") was rushed to the ER when her Foster Family observed extremely labored breathing. Bulldog Haven Northwest (BHNW) is in need of funds for her emergency care, medical tests, and follow-up care.

Sweet Oatty was nearly ready to start looking for her Forever Family when she was rushed to the ER due to extremely labored breathing. A cardiologist confirmed that her heart looked fine, but they found fluid in her chest cavity. Oatty is on a number of medications and has been through lots of testing in addition to spending time in the Oxygen tank. Once she is released from the ER, she will be seeing a specialist to help determine what is going on with her lungs.

We are doing our very best to get sweet Oatty healthy so she can have a happy future with a loving family. But Oatty is just one of 30+ dogs currently in our care and we are in need of donations. Your donation to BHNW is tax deductible, and may be eligible for a company match from your employer. Please connect with your corporate giving team to verify that BHNW is on their list of charitable organizations, and if we're not, please ask them to add us.

BHNW's ability to help bulldogs in need is dependent upon the generosity of the public and your donations. We cannot do what we do without you. Any funds that are raised and are not needed specifically for her care will be used for other dogs like her.

Thank you for supporting BHNW.




Posted on June 28, 2017

We are in a holding pattern with Oatty until Friday's follow up appointment. In the meantime, she is having panting spells every night but she is moving around, eating and drinking. Oatty's Foster Mom has been diligent about keeping her comfortable in the recent PNW heat, and is prepared with fans and a nice cooling mat for any temperature increases!

Posted on June 22, 2017

Sweet Oatty has been released from the ER and is back home with her Foster Family. After an x-ray, ultrasound echocardiogram and transtracheal wash, we found that she has a number of little things wrong, but unfortunately we still don't know much about why she has fluid in her chest cavity. :( A scope and a visit with a specialist are up next.

In the meantime, she's home now and resting fine, and has 7 new medications to take. Her Foster Mom said "Thank goodness Costco sells Kraft singles in bulk ". Way to look on the bright side!

Even though we aren't much closer to knowing the root of Oatty's issue, we still have big bills to pay and more procedures to come. Please consider donating to Oatty's care so that we can continue the care and testing that she needs. Any funds that are raised for Oatty but not needed will be used to help another dog like her.

Rest up and feel better soon, Oatty! We are thinking of you! 

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