Chewbacca has fluid on his brain

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Paw Crazy

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URGENT Brain Surgery needed

$215.00 /$1,000.00

Color: Brindle

Size: Small

Sex: Male

Age: Young

Chewbacca urgently needs your help!  He has developed fluid around his brain and if he can not have his surgery very very soon to drain it, he will die. 

Chewbacca was an owner surrender who reached out to our rescue when she couldn't afford his medical needs.  When Chewbacca was born his skull didn't close and he developed fluids around his brain. His skull closed with the fluid still in there and it is causing him to form neurological problems.  He is said to die in the matter of months if he doesn't get the surgery he needs to alleviate the fluid buildup.  We need to take Chewbacca to Medvet in Columbus, OH so he can get the surgery he needs.    

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