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We at Great Lakes Boxer Rescue take in abandoned, sick and unwanted boxers in the State of Michigan. We are an all-volunteer group of dedicated individuals who have the hearts and passion to help this amazing breed. We have, and will continue on a daily basis, to make as much of a difference to as many boxers that we can, to care for, rehabilitate, and to help them overcome any known mental or medical issues that are apparent. We will then closely screen, including doing home visits, for any potential adopter, to ensure that each dog, is re homed into the best home possible for that particular dog. 

When boxers are in need, GLBR volunteers will respond. Our mission includes hands-on rescue, as well as educating as many people as we can about the breed and the need to spay and neuter your animals, and to stop the overpopulation of animals. It is our hope that our efforts will enhance the lives of people as well as the dogs. It is our hope and determination that we can make a difference in this world to help one dog at a time, as many times as we can.

Roslyn was rescued, had tumors removed and is now having seizures! Please help!

$70.00 /$900.00

Breed: Boxer

Color: Black

Size: Large

Sex: Female

Age: Senior

We rescued Roslyn from the shelter and immediately had three tumors removed from her body, now she is having seizures and needs your help! 

Roslyn came into our group last Saturday from a shelter. On Tuesday, she had 3 mass cell tumors removed, located on different parts of her body. The vet prescribed her Tramadol, to help with her pain from surgery. Well, her Foster mom was driving home yesterday with Roslyn, and she had a seizure in the car. While tethered. So she had to make an emergency stop to un-tether her so she could breathe and help her through the seizure. Got her recovered, home & settled and than she had ANOTHER seizure. Got her through that one, and the Foster mom texted 1 of the doctors from Heritage Vet and got some Valium into her. Roslyn had another seizure at 3:30 am last night, was given more Valium per doctors orders and rested comfortable until this morning. She was taken into Heritage Vet this morning to watch for more seizures. She had two more grand mal seizures today. She was hooked up to IV fluids for the day.

The doctor is thinking one of her pain medications from surgery is causing the seizures (Tramadol) as it can lower the seizure threshold (meaning, the dog is more susceptible to having seizures). So Tramadol is being discontinued and we are switching to a different pain med. Hopefully this stops the seizures and she doesn't have to go onto anti-convulsants! Roslyn has gone home with her Foster mom for the night. She has been given a dose of Keppra, which is used to counteract seizures. And than tomorrow they will try to flush out her system in hopes of ridding her system of any remaining Tramadol

This sweet, precious girl needs a lot of prayers right now. She is about 7 years old. Please keep her in your thoughts, and please donate to help with her medical needs. 


Posted on July 03, 2017

 Roslyn has been monitored around the clock the past couple days. Her last grand mal seizure was Wednesday evening. Please see her video to see how serious these seizures are. 

She is still on Keppra, but yesterday she began mild twitching. Today the twitching has worsened so the doctors would like to start her on phenobarbital in addition to the keppra. We still don't know exactly what's going on with her, but there is only so much a general practitioner DVM can do. A trip to the neurologist, plus a CT scan or maybe an MRI would likely be the only way to know for sure what the cause of her issues are. For now, we're concentrating on keeping Roslyn comfortable and happy. We will keep you all posted, and we thank you for all your support!

Posted on June 29, 2017

Roslyn update - she has had 5 grand mal seizures in the past 24 hours. This is not good. Thankfully she is currently being fostered by our vet tech, who works at Heritage Vet, and is getting immediate help. 

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