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Lozen was searching for help and desperately needed it with maggots growing underneath her skin

$195.00 /$5,000.00

Color: Brindle

Sex: Female



This poor baby entered the logan shelter the evening of July 14, 2017. She is in critical condition. She needs immediate medical care. The warden has agreed to let the local rescuers in to get her out and to the ER in South Charleston. 

 Lozen was admitted last night (she's named after a Chiricahua Apache woman warrior known as much for her heroism as for her compassion). She was taken to the pound after she made her way to someone's house and up on their porch. If she had the will to find help for her self, than I say she has the will to live. Her blood work was 'not that bad' and coming from that vet, I am going to say it was probably good. Last night they started removing the maggots. She is on IV pain meds and antibiotics. We are hoping for an update around 12 and Beth will be going to check on her and hopefully getting some pictures. I did have to put a deposit of $2000 down last night, so If you are sharing her story, please include our fundraising link.

Without rescue this girl would lay in the Logan shelter and die. Our amazing rescue, Mostly Muttz, has stepped up to cover her care and find her a perfect family when she is fully recovered. 


Posted on July 15, 2017

7/15/17 at approximately 4P.M

An update on our injured dog from last night. We've decided to name her Lozen after a Chiricahua Apache woman warrior known as much for her heroism as her compassion.

Speaking with the vet late last night, they felt euthanasia was the best option, however, if this girl wanted to live badly enough to find her way to someone's house and come up to their porch to get help, she deserved to have us stand behind her and fight on with her. We asked the vet to give her pain meds to make her comfortable, start antibiotics and clean and assess her wounds.  

It appears that Lozen was attacked by dogs. She has multiple puncture wounds on her upper torso, front limbs and head. The wounds are old, infected and full of maggots. While this might sound gross, those maggots were helping keep the infection at bay until this warrior was able to find help. At this time she is heavily sedated due to the pain (that is why in the pictures she looks like she is sleeping). Tonight she will undergo surgery to open up and explore the how deep the infection goes and the extent of the damage to the tissue.  

It is only through the generosity of people like you that Mostly Muttz is able to save dogs like Lozen. So if you'd like to be a soldier on this warrior woman's road to recovery, please go to our donation page, and give today. And remember, no amount is too small.

We will continue to update you on Lozen's status as we speak with the vet.

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