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Starved puppy needs our help! Currently hospitalized & awaiting all test results.

$515.00 /$1,200.00

Noone should have to be treated like this - neglected, starved and shes a baby for goodness sakes - we are on way to hospital as we speak for a full medical assessment . 

There are several miracles at work here....

One... she has survived this ..... what a will this little girl has to live..... 

Two , we were able to track down the "owners" who were trying to surrender her to a shelter in Florida ........ 

Three, they surrendered her THANK GOD!!!!!! Now she has a chance to survive..... 

TY so greatly for helping our Angel Tiffany .... now named Daytona 

Team TLM 


Posted on July 17, 2017

We have a Daytona update! Her x-rays were done today of her throat chest and stomach - we are continuing to slow feed four times a day so far no regurgitation. She seems to be alert and very attentive especially to any sort of food object. It's comical except for the fact that I know she's been starving :/

Our little princess received some new outfits today and also a visitor from potential Foster's when she's ready to leave the hospital! She really has the sweetest temperament, considering the fact that she doesn't seem to have had a lot of human interaction - truly a. Blessed little soul ---- so far so good , we await x-ray results so please offer up some prayers...

All in all it was a good night and so far a good day she took her heartworm prevention like a champ!!!!!

Team TLM

Posted on July 16, 2017

Little Daytona is in the hospital under continued observation - we are looking for the root cause of her regurgitating. She is extremely malnourished - there is no obstruction in her throat as past owners had suggested. At only 7 months old , shes already faced some pain and suffering .... but what a sweetheart ....

Fecal was negative which is amazing and heartworm test negative. Awaiting further test results , and slow feeding to see if she continues to display regurgitation which could be a sign of ME - Megasophagus 

Please stay tuned and help us to help Daytona if at all possible.


Team TLM

Posted on July 16, 2017

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