URGENTLY needing a surgery to repair a hole on his thigh, Yogi is a VERY sick boy and needs help with all of his Medical care.

  • Breed: Boxer
  • Name: Yogi
  • Color: Brindle
  • Size: Large
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: Adult

They left me! They took all of the stuff they wanted out of the house and they left me there with all the rest. I couldn't even lay on the carpet or anything soft because the locked me in the bathroom. It was dark in there, and it got hot and stuffy in there. I really thought I was never going to get out. Then one day someone came to get me. They saved me. They drove me all the way from Ohio to Michigan and gave me to some really nice people at the Great Lakes Boxer Rescue. I have been so scared, I'm still scared! My body hurts.. Every. Single. Part of my body hurts and I just can't understand why. I just want a family of my own. One who will love me and never leave me like this again.

Yogi is approximately 8 years old, he has a really bad urinary tract infection, he is loaded with hookworms, has broken teeth, and he is underweight by about 10 lbs. Yogi is anemic, and his white blood cells and liver levels are elevated as well. Not only that, but he has a painful eye infection called Uveitis, which is an inflammation of the eye. To top off his list of ailments, Yogi has a massive hole on his outer thigh. The Vet has no idea how that hole was created or what could have happened to him. From a medical stand point, the hole is too big to stitch the skin back together and it's too big to heal on its own. The only way to fix it, is to do reconstructive surgery to repair it. The vet will take skin from his "tuck up." That is the area located at the back, lower area of the abdomen and under/in front of the thigh.

The Vet is worried that Yogi may have cancer, he has ordered x-rays & ultrasound before surgery, along with an additional blood cytology test to be sure. Yogi has just had bloodwork done to test for Heartworms. Thank god he is heartworm negative !!!! But he still has so many other medical illnesses to be treated for.

Yogi has surgery scheduled for July 28th. He started antibiotics two days ago and is on pain meds to ease his discomfort. Despite all of his medical issues, he appears to be a nice boy and allowed the Vet to do everything to him that was needed today. Yogi will need multiple follow up appointments post surgery as well.


  • Yogi is FINALLY healed and feeling so much better!  He even has a silly side  

    September 19, 2017

  • Yogi is loving his foster home, and his foster Mama. he no longer has fear in his eyes. He is healing and happy, and learning that love is all around him once again. 

    September 05, 2017

  • Yogi wants everyone to know his leg looks pretty darn sexy without the stitches. They were just removed today. And He was also a hit this morning in the starbucks drive-thru with his donut shaped safety collar (so he doesn't chew or lick his leg). It's been a long journey for him, but he is slowly getting better !

    September 01, 2017

  • Yogi has finally been released from the vets and is now going to continue to heal at his Foster moms home. He still has to wear the cone of shame, as his suture is not completely healed up, but it's slowly getting there. He is still on antibiotics for his Ehrlichia (a tick-borne disease) and we are still waiting for blood tests to see if he has cushings disease. We hope not. Yogi is a very sweet boy and is still quite insecure; sticking to his Foster mom like glue but such a kind hearted boy that will make a family very happy when he is ready to be adopted

    August 28, 2017

  • We are still waiting for the results of the cushings disease test to come back. But other than that, Yogi is doing good. We  hope to move him to his foster home this week where he can continue to heal.

    August 21, 2017

  • Yogi, Yogi, Yogi..... I think you are finally going to be on the mend. The before picture is when he had reconstructive surgery from the huge hole he had in his leg when he was found abandoned in a bathroom for over 5 days. The skin graft was actually dying. But the vet already had a plan B in mind in case that was going to happen. Today he had surgery again. And we are pretty confident this surgery will do the trick. Yogi continues to feel and look better everyday. We are SO THANKFUL for everybody who has donated to his care and all the prayers and well wishes he has received. We could NOT Have done this without all of your support. Bless every one of you

    We had to raise Yogi's wish amount due to having more surgeries than planned and the tick born disease that he needed medications for. 

    August 15, 2017

  • Yogi will be going back tomorrow for another surgery. After having reconstructive surgery over a week ago, a large area of the skin that was used to cover his huge hole, has died off. So they will take the dead tissue and pull the fresh tissue together a bit more. His red blood cell count is still not at a good level, so they will recheck his blood again in another week. Also (this boy just can't catch a break) he was tested positive for a tick borne disease called Ehrlichia. So it will be a month of antibiotics for him just to treat this. Yogi is still eating great and is actually gaining a little bit of weight so we are happy about that.

    August 10, 2017

  • As you can see, Yogi had reconstructive surgery to repair a big hole he had prior to coming to us. Surgery was done this last Wednesday. The Vet told us that the skin is dying around the area where the hole was located. The Vet anticipated that this might happen due to the extent of the hole and how long it had been opened.  We will keep Yogi on his antibiotics and allow the rest of his skin to heal. The Vet feels that no other part of the skin should die off and hopes that it will be localized to this area only. Once the rest of the area heals, they may go back in and reconstruct the dying area of skin again. We will continue to monitor our boy VERY CAREFULLY . If you can donate to Yogi's surgery, we are still needing about $500 towards this Vet bill.  Anything that goes over his WISH amount will be put toward his healing, medicine, and his other ailments, or possible future procedures.  Thank you to everybody for your kindness and loving thoughts.  Bless you!

    August 04, 2017

  • Yogi surgery - phase 2 is complete! He had 3 more teeth pulled, and his wound repaired. He got therapeutic laser on the wound area as well. He's waking up now. Now for some serious exercise restriction while things heal. Pictured is one of his 4 canine teeth that had to be removed due to them being broken off. It took a couple of hours just to fix his mouth. That is one big tooth !!! It required several careful cuts to remove these 4 teeth that were causing him a lot of pain. Thank you again to Heritage Vet for all your expertise and wonderful care to these animals.

    August 02, 2017

  • The vet started to work on Yogi's teeth by doing a dental today. All of his canines were broken off and needed to be removed. It was extensive. The roots were very deep and were very hard to remove. After 2.5 hours, the vet decided to get Yogi back out from under anesthesia. They will continue to work on him tomorrow again and do his reconstructive surgery on the huge hole in his leg. Despite everything he has gone through, and is going through now with so many medical issues, his tail continues to wag and is a friendly boy. The "big surgery" comes tomorrow. All paws crossed for no complications.

    August 01, 2017

  • Yogi was unable to have his surgery last week, and we learned that his white blood count has gone down and his Red blood count has gone up.  The Vet still suspects that there is some sort of condition going on with him, and we should hopefully have more answers tomorrow, and a new surgery date. 

    July 31, 2017

  • New Update  Yogi's Ultrasound was done, there were no obvious masses found, though the Vet is still worried as his blood work is still not where it should be.  We will recheck the blood work on Monday. As for now, they put a cone of shame on him so he will stop licking his wounded area and they will treat his wound topically for now. We will postpone surgery until he is starting to feel better and his body is stronger.  We will continue the antibiotics and continue to monitor him closely. 

    July 28, 2017

  • Update on Yogi - the Vet thinks there is a very good chance  that Yogi might have cancer. They did X-rays on him this morning and they will be doing an ultrasound on him later today.  Surgery may have to be postponed depending on what the results show.  We will update as soon as we find out.  We added some video because we wanted to show you that despite all of his medical issues, his tail still wags and he is a very good boy. 

    July 28, 2017