Lucky was hit by a car twice and left with severe nerve damage, help us save his life with his major procedure.

  • Breed: American Bulldog
  • Name: Lucky
  • Color: white and Brown
  • Size: Medium
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: Young


Lucky was run over by a car twice. He suffered Blunt trauma to his head- shattered teeth, jaw damage, and extensive inoperable nerve damage due to massive trauma to hind area. Lucky had emergency surgery for jaw and dental work, which was successful. He was seen by a specialists in regards to nerve damage, the prognosis is inoperable. This has left Lucky with chronic incontinence of both the urinary tract and the bowels. Including, blood leakage from the anus when overly active. Lucky can run, walk, and play and has quality of life. He hasn't let this disability stop him from being a sweet loving pup! He has a strong will to live and zest for that life . The previous rescue ran out of options to help Lucky, with no where to go. Not a sanctuary or foster were able to take lucky with this disability. A miracle was needed and it came! With the help of a wonderful group of people and our rescue coming up with an option, Lucky may have a chance at a normal life again!!! A proven procedure by a very knowledgeable and capable vet in Winter Haven, of whom one of our volunteers has used for many years, has stepped up and is very optimistic about this procedure for Lucky. But we need your help.

 Please join our team to make sure Lucky has the ability to go forward at a chance for normal life again. This procedure is not evasive and is not life threatening.


I run and play like I always did, having fun enjoying myself when suddenly it the world came crashing down. Something hit me and all I saw was darkness. I came around and here it came and hit me again....It was a car! A big car running my little body over and over again. There was silence. I was alone and unable to move. Something was wrong with my mouth. I tried to bark and this immense pain came over me and I could not make a sound. I tried to get up and my muscles just wouldn't work. I was so confused, where for my humans? I was I left here? What's wrong with me, why can't I get up? I am in a lot of pain. I am scared. Am I dying? I am not sure how long I was lying there, I was so thirsty, I was in so much pain all over. . It was numbness with my back legs. Then a big car appeared, and I got scared, it was going to run me over again!

There were two humans talking. They pick me up and put me in this car. The next thing I knew I was in this big building a lot of people talking and a lot of dogs barking. Where was I? Where are my humans? I was brought to this room very isolated, in a cage and no help, and still in a lot of pain. My humans are coming I know they're coming for me I thought. I was able to stand, but in a lot of pain and my mouth hurt with my head, back, legs, and urine was just going down my legs. The next thing I knew this wonderful woman came and talked to me, she was taking pictures, and making a video with me. She was crying. She was talking about my legs and saying: "Oh my gosh, those are tire tread marks on his body in two different places!"

I realized she was talking about me. It was me that had the tire tread marks on my body! It was slowly coming back to me! I was out playing and sniffing things and just being a happy puppy, I was hit by a car and run over once, then the car backed over me yet again! That's why my mouth hurt! My head hurts, my body hurts, my legs hurt. That's why when I have to go potty I cannot hold it my potty at all. That car ruined me and my humans never came.

That nice lady came she had somebody coming to take me away. She whisked me away to a vet place and all the people were so nice to me, but I still was in pain and scared. They all looked very concerned, it scared me. Will I live? Then, immediately, the brought me into surgery. They were able to fix my jaw and teeth and made my head feel better. But unfortunately, they said the nerve damage to my lower back cannot be fixed and has caused me to be complete incontinent both bowls and bladder. It didn't seem like it was a good thing for me. It was suggested that I be put down. But the good vet tech and volunteer at the vets said no, and they were going to care for me and advocate for me everyday until they find someone who can give another opinion or take me in.

It's been about 5 months now that I've been in the care of this amazing vet's office and their staff and volunteer. My Aunt Maxine (Vets volunteer) takes me everyday on these Adventures to the beach and the park. They seem so happy when they're out with me but when I get back to the vet's office they were very sad, because I am incontinent. I can't seem to hold in when I have to go to the bathroom. It doesn't really seem to bother me much but I know it's very messy for my humans to clean up. So My aunt Elisa (Vet Tech) taught me how to back up to the wash basin to get my booty washed off several times a day. Boy, I feel so good after that, like brand new. She is so special to me. I'm relatively happy at the vet's office but they say this isn't a place for me to stay forever so I'm not really sure what that means from here. These TV people came in and video taped me and talked a lot about me, hoping to raise money for my care at the vets and find a special needs sanctuary to let me live at. But that didn't work too well, because no one came for me, or really donated for my vetcare. 

A group formed called Team Lucky, who have been working hard to find some alternative for me, besides euthanasia. The previous rescue ran out of resources and ideas for me. So Rescue Teamsters the florida Division of Chinese Shar Pei Rescue agreed to take me under their rescue, so I could go to one of the volunteers amazing vets or practices Eastern and Western medicine. And who also Teaches at the Chi Institute in Clearwater. When this vet heard what was wrong with me, she said she knew exactly what I needed. She has had very successful results with this method for my disability and she was very upbeat about getting started. All my peeps were so happy. A good possibility for me to live life normally. Even one of the group members of Team Lucky offered to take me after the procedure and care for me. So if anyone says there are no miracles, your wrong. This is the first step of my miracle. And I will be worth so much because I will have 24k Gold implants in me! how cool is that. The vet said this works kind of like acupuncture but on a constant basis. She even did this procedure with her vet techs doggie who had same issue, and he is totally continent now I will go on the long 3-1/2 journey, on Monday to this amazing vet. Then they will do the procedure, and watch me for a week or so to see how it is working. They said they will take good care of me like the vet office I am at now is doing. I admit I am a little scared, but I am excited too, because this could be my dream come true.

Please help this amazing group to raise funds for my procedure and vetcare. And also say a lot of prayers for me that this procedure is a success.
Many kisses and hugs to everyone who has advocated for me and watched over me.


  • Heeerrreee's lucky today....Thursday!

    Dr. Vargas team said he's doing great! He's continuing with his Aqua acupuncture and is well on his way for his gold chip procedure! They have high hopes and say he is reacting well! Here he is on the treadmill gaining strength in his back legs! If he does well he'll actually get to go in the dog bone pool for aqua therapy this weekend! Please please be part of his journey and his village and donate.

    This will be his last chance! Any amount that you can spare is so greatly appreciated. You can also help us by sharing! Thank you from all of us here at poundwishes, Team lucky and thank you from Lucky himself!

    August 10, 2017

  • PUPdate for Lucky from Vet Tech Kelsey:

    "Lucky is doing really well overall! Eating well, acting playful, settling in. He got his gold implants in acupuncture points today and some electro acupuncture. I gave him another bath before leaving and we went out for a little romp outside. "

    We could not be happier that he is in the right hands to give him his shot at getting healthy and leading the life he should have always had!

    Thank you for the support. 

    August 09, 2017

  • Dr. Vargas will be doing 24 gold implants. These are tiny implants that are put in the areas of the nerves that have been damaged. Lucky will also receive cold laser press and electro acupuncture. Dr. Vargas specializes in Eastern medicine and has had great success with this procedure in the past. Dogs who were fully incontinent became continent and dogs who were lame or able to regain mobility!

    We are hopeful that Lucky who has overcome such adversity will once again be whole and lead the life that he was meant to lead.

    August 07, 2017