is having extreme pain in hind legs. Help him receive a necessary MRI!

  • Breed: Siberian Husky
  • Name: Jupiter
  • Size: Medium
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: Young

Jupiter has decreased muscle mass in his hind legs and more recently has begun to experience much more pain upon being touched, getting up, and even simple movements agitate him.

Husky Haven FL has had Jupiter in their care for a little over a month now.The X-rays and tests so far show absolutely nothing to indicate what could be going on with Jupiter. So Jupiter started on laser therapy in hopes this may help him. Unfortunately, this has not. The vet is still stumped and suggests that Jupiter gets an MRI to see if we can find any further answers. There is possibility of a pinched nerve but until Jupiter gets further testing we will never know.

If you follow Husky Haven, then you've probably seen the overwhelming amount of medical cases that have recently come in, this unexpected news for Jupiter was a hard hit. Husky Haven's funds are stretched and at this point there is not enough to get Jupiter the MRI that is much needed ($2500-4000 depending on the facility). Jupiter is extremely sweet despite being in terrible pain. The sounds of his cry when he gets up is enough to put you in tears. Trust me the waterworks have already happened a few times.

If Jupiter does not improve, we aren't sure what else can be done for him. We've already exhausted all other options recommended by the vet. I brought him to the local holistic pet store Louise's Pet Connection - Natural Pet Market who recommended many great products for us to try and that is exactly where we stand. A huge thank you to them for donating a portion of the remedies to Jupiter's cause. Next up is hopefully, an MRI and potentially acupuncture if the funds allow in the future. Until then we are trying to keep him as comfortable as possible. 

Any donations will help this sweet boy! Thank you!


  • It's been a rollercoaster ride with Jupiter. He was doing so poorly with a spine infection called Diskospondylitis. This is caused by a bacteria Citrobacter Freundii. The bone of one of his vertebrae has been eaten away by the infection causing lots of swelling, and pressure on the spinal cord, hence the horrendous pain. We were thinking we would have to make the difficult decision to put him to rest. We went to bed Tuesday night, the night prior to the possible date for him, and prayed to give us some guidance to make the right choice. 

    The next day was the first day Jupiter has shown improvements since starting treatment over two weeks ago and he seems to continue to do well. Our prayers were answered!! His plan of care is 4-5 months of antibiotics with follow up X-rays to monitor the healing. Also, he has to be kept fairly rested due to the risk of fracturing that bone since it is very weakened.

    Thank you for following his story and helping Jupiter, we appreciate your support. 

    September 08, 2017

  • Jupiter has been on natural supplements which have seemed to help his pain tremendously. He has be wagging his tail and even accelerated to a quick trot as seen in this video. A huge improvement from last week when he could hardly move without howling in pain. 

    However, it still evident that Jupiter is uncomfortable. Thank you all for your continued donations. Jupiter has his first visit with the neurologist tomorrow morning.

    August 15, 2017