Sweet pea emaciated girl unable to walk refuses to eat

  • Breed: American Bulldog
  • Name: Sweet Pea
  • Color: Fawn
  • Size: Medium
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: Young

$1,375.00 raised of $2,000.00

Chain of love was called by a man living in the redlands with 10 dogs that one of his dogs was not eating. When we arrived we found Sweet Pea (previously Lucky) sitting in her own urine on a hard floor unable to get up. She has pus running from her eyes and blood in one of her nostrils  Even in this state she was giving our volunteer kisses. We rushed her to the vet.  She was given 4 baths because of all the fleas.  The water ran red from her blood.  WE found out the man had been giving her b12 shots and his antibiotics without consulting any one.  She is emaciated and is now on an IV and they have her on a heating pad to keep her at normal temperature.   We do not have results of the blood work yet and do not the the extent of the damage to her poor body.

INE have promised sweet pea she is going to feel better and go on to a wonderful life.  Please help us help her. 


  • It is with great sadness that we report that our Sweet Pea lost her battle yesterday....she fought so hard, but in the end, her little body could do no more. She has no more pain, she left her footprints on all of our hearts.

    In honor of her memory, we will leave this campaign open so dogs like Sweet Pea will have hope for a better life and we thank you, as always, for your continued support.


    Thank you.

    August 29, 2017

  • Sweet pea is getting better slowly. We have to divide her meals into five so that she will not throw up but at least she has an appetite now. She still drinking lots of water moving around more and wagging her tail which is most important. She still has a long way to go and we thank everybody for their support

    August 26, 2017

  • Sweet Pea is eating small meals and able to walk on her own. She had a long road to recovery but the sparkle is returning to her eye! Here is a sneak peek!

    August 22, 2017

  •  Sweet pea is not out of the woods yet but things are better. They removed her IV, she's drinking and eating a little bit. She even went for a short walk. She does have a long road ahead of her but we thank everybody for their support and will keep you updated 

    August 15, 2017

  • One of our board members spoke to the vet this morning. Sweet Pea has an acute renal disease. They are flushing her kidneys. She is still on IV. She is not eating much and is very anemic. 

    August 12, 2017