Franklin's FHO Surgery

  • Breed: Domestic Short Hair
  • Name: Franklin
  • Color: Gray & White
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: Young

$780.00 raised of $900.00

Franklin was found begging for scraps at a local restaurant.  Kind patrons and staff were feeding him, but they knew it wasn't the best life for him.   He had an obvious limp and the restaurant was on a busy road where he could have easily been hurt.  When ACDC took him in, our veterinarian saw his hip was dislocated.  This poor, sweet boy was in a lot of pain. 

After X-rays and evaluation, our veterinarian performed a Femoral Head Ostectomy for Franklin.  This surgery removes part of the bone that is damaged and allows the joint to heal.   His pain was relieved, but he still has a long road ahead of him with rehab in his foster home.  Franklin is healing nicely and has daily "kitty rehab" exercises.  He is also undergoing laser therapy to help the joint heal.  Franklin enjoys his exercise sessions (with greenies treats as a reward) and purrs his way through the stretches. 

Through everything, he remains a super sweet furball who enjoys being held and cuddled.  Can you help sponsor this little fella's recovery?


  • Franklin is chilling out and keeping up with his fellow fosters now and has complete use of his leg without any more pain. He loves to pounce around the house and play with his foster mates Spruce and Cedar (even though they sometimes are not so thrilled with the attention!). Franklin has a zest for life now and is a spunky fella – living pain free – thanks to generous folks who chipped in to help him with his surgery. With his healed leg he also loves to be perched atop the cat tree to bird watch for hours overseeing his domain like any other happy kitty. He is feeling more like the charming prince he is and is ready to find his new family! 

    December 13, 2017

  • Franklin is healing well and making friends in his foster home.  We are taking applications for his adoption!!  He gets along with other gentle kitties and would love a companion cat.

    November 06, 2017