Help Save Bree's Life

$50.00 raised of $1,515.00

Bree's frail body and difficult diagnosis put her on the euthanasia list.

She is only 5 years old, but she was emaciated, diabetic, and had an ear infection. This miniature dachshund was rescued by DRLA and taken to the hospital. The goal is to stabilize her sugar levels and if she survives, she will be on insulin for the rest of her life.

Her vet bills are adding up fast. Her first vet bill was over $700 and her estimate for the hospital stay for 2-3 days is $815. This does not include insulin or syringes.

Bree is sweet, calm and a gentle little soul who has thankful and hopeful eyes. She likes to sleep in the big bed with her human & gets along well with her foster siblings. Please help give this girl a fighting chance!