URGENT flights to save more Hurricane Harvey dogs

 Hurricane Harvey has left Houston in desperate need of help, the water levels are high and the animals need to be saved. Cloud Nine Rescue Flights is ready to Fly for the animals of Houston! We have one flight scheduled already and we are ready to take on more as needed. 

We've been getting a lot of questions about whether we'll be flying to Houston to help with relief efforts for Hurricane Harvey. The answer is YES! We have one flight scheduled currently with more in the works, but need your help! With thousands of animals needing help, there is much coordination that needs to be done, and things are rapidly evolving. We will post updates frequently!

It is important to note that we are ONLY transporting homeless pets. We will NOT be transporting pets who are simply waiting to be reunited with their owners. Part of the reason for the delay in this transport is to ensure time for pets who were separated from their families due to the hurricane to be reunited!

We will also aim to coordinate bringing supplies to Houston with us when we travel down to help with recovery efforts.

Please make your donation towards our rescue efforts to support Hurricane Harvey recovery!

Our first flight is planned for September 23rd to pick up 40 or more dogs from Houston Texas with Wing of Rescue. 

Our second flight is planned for October 7th to pick up 40-50 dogs (number to be confirmed) 

We have more possible flights that are in the works, but all the details have not been worked out just yet. When those details are confirmed, we will be updating and raising our WISH amount- Right now, we are trying to raise $3,600.00 of the total cost for these two flights. The 2nd flight will be another pick up from Houston and taking another 40 or so dogs

Your donations are appreciated more than you know. Please help us, so we can continue to save more pets. 


  • Picking up 40 puppies from Houston Texas, to fly them to San Diego Ca so they can find their furever homes!

    November 18, 2017

  • We are Sending out a HUGE Thank You to The Lance McCullers Jr. Foundation for helping us with a very generous donation toward our upcoming flight this Saturday.

     Lance is a pitcher for The Houston Astro's, he is a family man, and he has also found a love for helping animals. The affects of Hurricane Harvey are still very much a reality and the animals are still very much in need.  

    We want to make sure everyone knows that we have put off flights to ensure good health for all of the animals who will be traveling to Ca.  Operation Pets Alive, would never send someone's family pet. The animals that are traveling from Houston to San Diego are animals that were already living in shelters.  They are being transported to areas where they can easily find forever homes so that the animals who do have families can have a safe place to live while they wait for their families to find them.  The  Helen Woodward Animal Center is a NO Kill rescue and all of the animals will be received in loving hands. 

    November 15, 2017

  • In Four days, we will picking up our second batch of Hurricane Harvey dogs from Houston Texas, and we will be transporting them to San Diego CA.   Here is an adorable sneak peak of some of the puppies we will be transporting.  

    November 14, 2017

  • We fly on November 18th for our next Houston Harvey Flight- Preparing and still very much needing your help. We pick up in Houston and will be transporting to San Diego Ca once again. Thank you so much for your support! 

    October 30, 2017

  • Over the weekend we took bundles of puppies from Houston to California to ensure that they will forever have the happiest of lives. One flight down, one more to go... Saving Hurricane Harvey animals one flight at a time.

    Please consider donating to our rescue flights. Every donations helps saves lives and no donation is ever too small. 

    October 09, 2017

  • Puppies don't sit still for long... but they sure are cute! Time to load up and soar to Cali! 

    October 07, 2017

  • Loading up the crates! 

    October 07, 2017

  • October 07, 2017

  • Take off! Heading to California!

    October 07, 2017

  • Take off to Houston! Let's go save some puppies!

    October 06, 2017

  • The Hurricane and the aftermath has affected so many! Our flight last weekend was postponed due to most of the dogs being heartworm positive. This is a condition that needs to be treated before they can travel. 

    Cloud Nine is ready to fly as soon as the dogs are ready to be transported, and our next scheduled flight is still soaring. We are available now if transports are needed, please let us know if transports are needed!  

    We are still raising funds for our upcoming flight and for the flights that have been postponed. We are more than half way to our WISH amount thanks to the support of our generous supporters. Thank you so very much for your on going support; We couldn't do it without you!  

    September 26, 2017

  • We are flying this weekend out of Houston with Wings of Rescue.

     We are very excited to get on the ground in Texas to help make room in the shelters for displaced animals in Houston. No animals that are displaced, will be taken. We are only transporting dogs that have been in the shelter for a while, who do not have homes or owners. This is a great way to save animals who can find loving homes elsewhere, while giving Houston pets and families time to reunite. 

    September 18, 2017

  •  We have added in another rescue flight!

     Cloud Nine Rescue Flights will be picking up another 40 plus dogs from Houston who have been affected by Hurricane Harvey on October 7th. These dogs have been in the shelters without homes for quite sometime, they are not lost pets. We are transporting them so that the shelters in Houston can focus on the animals in Houston and help them find their rightful families.  We would never take a family pet and move them to another state. We are also making sure that the animals we are transporting are vetted, and ready to be fostered and available to find their forever homes.  

    We are changing our wish amount now to reflect our needs for two transports. Please continue to support Cloud Nine Rescue Flights as we save lives to make room for Hurricane victims. No amount is ever too small, every kind gesture is appreciated more than you know. 

    September 06, 2017

  • It's extremely encouraging to see that in 24 hours we're more than 20% of the way towards our goal. This is a funding goal for our transport scheduled for September 23rd, but I fully expect that we're going to be doing more transports out of Houston for Hurricane Harvey relief both before and after, and the fundraising goal will be adjusted accordingly. The groups that we work with are currently figuring out how many trips they can support and where to send dogs. Plus the dogs require vetting and appropriate checks before transport.

    As always, 100% of the money we receive goes towards the mission. Now that the 414 is back up and flying again, we'll put as many hours on it as we can in order to support rescue efforts!

    September 05, 2017