Duke needs entropion surgery, blood work, scrotum surgery, x-rays for possible hip dysplasia. Please we need your help.

  • Breed: Mastiff/Shar Pei
  • Name: Duke The Senior needs surgeries

We were able to save Duke at the last minute from a high-kill shelter. Many people networked him, and he was known as the big gentle giant whose scrotum hung to the ground. This poor boy has been walking around with his testicles hanging almost to the ground. He also has severe entropion in one eye and cataract in the other eye. He is severely underweight despite what you see in the pictures that make him look larger than he is. He also has hind leg issues of which he will need x-rays to find out whether this is hip dysplasia or arthritis. He also needs to be neutered and have his scrotum taken care of and entropion surgery. He will have full blood work, fecal, monthly preventive, x-rays, and surgery.

We are asking everybody to gather together and to help our rescue to help him  get the necessary medical treatment he needs. 

The wonderful staff at pethouse animal clinic in Miami Beach stayed to take him in today. Duke is a sweet old soul who waited for a very very long time at Miami-Dade Animal Shelter which is a high-kill shelter, for a miracle.   Now we need you to continue the miracle so that we can get all the vetting necessary for him. 

Duke has a loving Foster waiting for him. Once he is fully vetted we will have him transported to his foster home in Melbourne Florida. The sooner we can raise These funds the faster we can get him vetted  and get him to his loving foster home so that he can rest his weary Bones on a nice plush comfortable bed,  couch or the human bed whichever he chooses.


    • Hi everyone. We I have had all my surgeries, entropion, eye removal, hw treatment, complete festival removal. And many other things.
    • I'm leaving tomorrow to go to my adopter home but my rescue still owes the good vet man a lot of money. The bill is right at $3,000 that's lots of money. Can you please help so our rescue can pay off the vet man for all the good things that he did for me?

    November 17, 2017

  • Duke had his eye Surgery Today and came through with Flying Colors. He had his right eye removed and his left eye, entropion surgery.  We desperately need your help. Duke has had 2 surgeries, HW+, 2 Bloodwork Panels. and much more, we are in desperate need of donations to reach out goal.  We are $1800 short. and must pay soon.

    He is so worth all this, and still he is a happy go lucky senior boy.  His adopter awaits his arrival soon. So please, we must satisfy our bill at vets, when he leaves.

    November 08, 2017

  • Duke is up against, yet another surgery.  He went to the eye specialist. The good news us, they love him! And admired his friendly, goofy personality. The bad news is, his right eye must be removed, dye to the pressure behind it which is causing a bulge and pain. His left  eye, he will need entropion surgery.
    We must raise additional $1,000 for this surgery, plus the remaining  previous vet bill from our regular vet. The eye doctor will not carry a balance. So before we go forward we must reach our goal. 
    You are his Angels. You are why these babies  are able  to be saved and brought to goid health

    October 25, 2017

  • Weekend foster mom says this about our senior boy Duke.

    He steals Bobby's stuff (bones toys etc) and he knows he's stealing and he looks around to see if he's being watched he snatches it and gallops back (Clomp click clomp click clomp) to his space at the front of the house to stash his loot. He knows he's doing something wrong and he's so proud of himself. He doesn't even WANT Bobby's stuff. He just wants to put it on his bed and then he comes back into the room acting all casual like hey guys what's up I didn't just steal anything nope. 

    Hahaha duke is very funny boy. 

    October 22, 2017

  • After many tests and an ultrasound, Duke was finally cleared to have surgery, not only to be neutered but to remove his testicles which hung to the ground and swung like a pengulum.  He now can walk normal. He did have a small tumor in one of them. Now he is free and clear. Next step is he treatment and erhlichea treatment. This big senior boy has a heart if gold. Please continue to donate and share. We really need to reach our goal to pay his bill once all is done.

    Thank you to those who gave supported our cause. .s

    October 06, 2017

  • Duke is not doing so good currently. He was relocated during the hurricane, and treated like a king. But the stress got to him. Unfortunately he is HW+.  He is at our vets in medical bay. He has had full bloodwork again, and test taken. All looks good, except his HW issue.  Once he is feeling better we can proceed with Heartworm treatment.

    We truly need help with some of our rescue pups, including Duke. Some were relocated due to the Hurricane, to keep them safe. It has been a great expense.

    If your a Hurricane victim, we do not want you to donate as we fully understand your plight and what you are going through.  Our team has and is going through same hardship physically and mentally.

    We pray for all to get power back, and back to normal life again.

    Thank you all for your support

    September 15, 2017