Parvo positive, puppy Charlie is fighting for his life.

  • Name: Charlie
  • Color: White
  • Size: Extra Small
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: Baby

$135.00 raised of $1,000.00

Charlie was found on the street in Puerto Rico with his mama and siblings. Charlie was diagnosed with Parvo and is battling for his life. He is so little and frail in comparison to his litter mates. 

We are really pushing for him but the vet estimated bill is around $4,000. This little guy deserves to live. Please donate to his care- anything will help!


  • Charlie's alive!! He survived parvo!!! We couldn't be happier to report that Charlie was reunited with his adoptive dad last Tuesday after a touch-and-go few days. He was released from the vet a week ago Friday into our care, then started to show signs of decline again. But our around-the-clock feeding, hydrating and love did the trick, and we knew as soon as he ate (real) food on his own and took his first poop in over a week he was going to make it! The bond Charlie's dad and him have is so strong it made this survival tale even sweeter. We couldn't have done this without all your positive thoughts, prayers and support. We're so grateful. Thank you so much!!

    September 18, 2017