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Sometimes you are just called to help, so that's what we did. We loaded up our truck and our UHAUL full of supplies for people and for pets and we headed to Houston. We knew it would be hard, but we also knew it would be worth it and that something stronger than the hurricane was telling us we should go. We took clothes and food, water and pet beds, leashes and collars. We took everything we could fit, in order to help.  

Once we arrived we found animals locked up behind fences, struggling to stay above the water, emaciated and not looking well at all. We knew these dogs had to come home with us, and they did. All nine of them. Thank God we went when we did, because we had only planned on bringing home two dogs, not 9! You just do what's right in the moment and you worry about how it will work out later.  

We arrived home with 9 dogs and the media just started to follow us out of nowhere, I still don't know how it started, but they jumped in to cover our story- all of a sudden we had applications upon applications of people wanting to foster and or adopt these dogs. This has never happened to us before, but we were thanking our lucky stars that it did. Luckily all of the dogs that came from Houston are now in foster homes and ready to be fully vetted and find their forever homes.  

All of them, but 1, possibly 2. Two little puppies started feeling sick yesterday and showing signs of illness, so we took them to be checked out. One of the two siblings was admitted last night to the animal ICU! The other got a negative for serious illnesses, but was still displaying symptoms so we have to have him re tested just incase. 

Just a couple days ago, we were frantic, not knowing how we would be able to care for all of these dogs who just joined us, and still be able to pay off our outstanding vet bills. We wondered and worried how we could make this work?! Then we received a grant from poundWISHES and we were told that they could possibly help us raise some extra funds. What a blessing! The amount they were willing to give to us was almost the same amount as an overnight ICU visit for our new puppy, we knew that the grant would just be applied to that puppy and it would save her life instead of paying off an old bill. Amazing how things work out like that. 

Well, this sweet puppy is not fully cleared from ICU just yet, but the funds we are raising right now are to be applied to her ICU care, treatments, and medication. Anything over that will go toward our vet bills that have accumulated for all of the Houston dogs we took in.