HELP: Mama cat hospitalized after losing baby

An injured and bleeding cat was wandering the streets with her surviving baby at her side in Tijuana, Mexico.

According to her saviors in Mexico, someone had tried to skin her ears and they were a mangled mess and bleeding everywhere. DREAM Animal Rescue was alerted and she was taken for surgery to remove the damaged ears completely. She and her son still needing saving so, with the help of the folks in Mexico and a helper in San Diego, we rushed a volunteer down to the border to get them.

They were both filthy and covered in fleas and mites. Both suffered from severe ear infections, especially Momma who we named Snowy. They will need ongoing treatment to get them happy and healthy! Lots of testing is being done to determine the best course of treatment for Snowy and baby TJ.

They were both covered in mites and have bad ear infections. They needed antibiotics, ear cleaning, skin scrape, ear cytology, and surgery to repair/remove the damaged ears. Surgery in Mexico and further medical care in the States brought the medical bills to around $1,000, but she may need another surgery to clean up the edges of her ears.

Please consider supporting this tiny family and they attempt to heal and start their new life.


  • We at DREAM have some very sad news. Baby TJ suddenly fell ill and stopped eating. His belly rapidly filled with fluid and we rushed him to our vet. Tests and medical treatment were given but the doctor believed he had FIP which is a fatal illness. There is no test for clinical FIP so we had the fluid drained and took him home with the hopes that it was something else. Sadly he continued to decline and still would not eat. On December 26th his belly swelled with fluid again and we decided it was his time to go the Rainbow Bridge. He was held and cuddled by his loving foster Mom as he passed. We are so very very sad that we could not save him from this horrible illness. We hope he knows how much we love him and we are thankful that he did get to know human love and kindness in his very short life. We are happy he was not suffering on the streets of Tijuana when this illness struck and we were able to help him pass without pain.

    RIP TJ!

    Another sad part of this story is that on TJ's final days his Momma Snowy became withdrawn and began hissing at him and her foster Mom, she stopped eating too!! While FIP is not contagious the virus that causes it is. We immediately rushed Momma Snowy to the vet who discovered she had a very high fever. He believes she has pneumonia and we pray that is all that she has. She has been medically boarded on IV fluids and medicines and is being syringe fed as she still is not eating on her own. We have no idea how she got pneumonia, no other kitties have been sick. We wonder if the stress of seeing her kitten ill caused her immune system to weaken!? We are praying she bounces back and foster Mom is visiting Snowy every day. She seems to be doing better as of 12/28/2017 but is still not eating on her own. We will keep you updated on her progress. 

    Medical bills are increasing rapidly as medical boarding and medicines are very costly. Please help us cover her medical costs and those we incurred for TJ. We have lost now 2 of the three kitties we saved from Tijuana and we are so very sad, please pray for us have a New Year's miracle and save Snowy!

    December 29, 2017

  • Momma Snowy and her kitten TJ were rescued by DREAM from the streets of Tijuana. Someone had cut off Momma Snowy's ears, and they were bleeding and infected. 

    After surgery and receiving lots of love and care from their foster mom, this pair is doing great! They were shy at first, but are learning to trust humans again. 

    Both are ready for adoption! They would do best in calm households with patient humans who are willing to help them trust again. 

    Share Momma Snowy and TJ and help us find their fur-ever homes!

    November 03, 2017

  • Momma Snowy and Baby TJ had a check up at the doctor. Snowy's ears are healing from surgery but both kitties had severe ear infections. They are resting in one of our amazing foster homes and receiving ear medicine. Mom is still very shy and untrusting but who can blame her? She does allow petting but is leery when you attempt to pet her head! She is coming around more each day! Baby TJ is adjusting quickly and has been engaging in play and other kitten behaviors!

    September 22, 2017