Emergency surgery bloat

  • Breed: German Shepherd
  • Name: Cosmo
  • Color: Black
  • Size: Large
  • Sex: Male

$1,410.00 raised of $2,100.00

Last night Cosmo was rushed to an emergency hospital with all of the symptoms of bloat. He has been stabilized, sedated, and his stomach was emptied/drained. 

Cosmo is a senior GSD we rescued from a kill shelter where he was due to be euthanized for space and because he had thunder anxiety. He has been living his retirement on a Florida ranch, but has remained under our care and sponsorship. We are awaiting an update by 2 pm and additional x-rays. He may be facing a surgical procedure - even without the procedure they estimate for last nights care is $2,000

PLEASE help dear Cosmo, he is one of our rescues matriarchs....he stands for all that we love! He is so sweet and is suffering from horrible separation anxiety. All he wants to do is go home with his fur siblings and wonderful foster family. Please help us get him there. 

Thank you,
Team Their Lives Matter Inc. 


  • Many dogs die from bloating because they can't get to the vet quick enough, thankfully Cosmo was able to make it just in time! His stomach was stapled so it can't bloat again. He is on a special diet and being monitored daily. Yesterday, he was eating smaller portions from raised bowl and we have switched to a softer food.

    Thank you to those who have supported Cosmo and are contributing to his medical care. Every dollar is greatly appreciated and allow us to save more amazing animals like Cosmo. 

    November 06, 2017

  • Another victim of hurricane IRMA. Pets feel the stress deeply. Cosmo suffered through this horrific ordeal. Days without power, extreme heat, and flooding. He is a senior dog who suffers anxiety during storms as it is and this was just too much for him. His stomach bloated luckily, we were able to reach the hospital in time to save this sweet boy. None of this is was his fault.... 

    Cosmo desperately needs your help! We've all been through enough lately here in Florida. 


    September 17, 2017