Desperately needing help with our Feline URI Vet bills.

  • Name: Too Many Sick Kitties
  • Size: Medium

Posey Humane Society faced worst case scenario last month and we are still trying to overcome it, but we desperately need your help. 

We had a huge outbreak of URI last month. Feline URI, is an upper respiratory infection. The outbreak was caused from an unknown bug that was immune to antibiotics. Our cats and kittens were tested numerous times and we just could not find the right antibiotic to help aid them. Unfortunately, we lost 14 feline lives, but were able to save 23 and counting.  The treatment that finally worked for these sweet kitties came from an exotic pet vet. Sadly, the treatments came too late for some; August was a sad, sad month for us. 

The cost of treatment and medical care for each feline is $300.00 This has left us with a huge Vet bill.  Although we lost some, we saved a lot! Either way, we still have to pay for each tested and treated cat whether they made it or not.  If we can not pay this amount down, we won't be able to continue to save pets, so we desperately need your help to keep us going.  No donation is ever too small. 


  • We did a respiratory panel on one of the sick kitties and it came back positive for a micro bacterial organism which is resistant to most medicines, they are working on getting a medicine made from doxycycline that is safe for cats.  We will have more updates soon, and will continue to try to save these lives. 

    October 25, 2017

  • What a difference your help has made!  Just look at the health of this beautiful kitten!! We saved more than we lost and we vowed not to loose any more. Just looking at this sweet sweet kitten re confirms that we did the right thing.  Your help has been tremendous! We are half way to goal, please continue to help so that we can pay this hefty bill while we save the rest of the sick kitties. 

    October 13, 2017

  • Our vet has really helped us out! We are now able to do the treatments for each kitty from the rescue.  This has been such a saving grace because each cat was going to cost us nearly $300 to save. They are all worth it, and we are still very very sad about the precious kitties that we lost.  

    Now, with the cost of the medicine, nebulizer, and some **VET APPROVED** Medicine stations--We are able to treat each cat ourselves.  Each treatment is about 30 minutes long and we have to thoroughly clean it in between each treatment for each cat! But here is what the vet was charging us to do himself. This has saved us from spending almost $10,000.00 

    Please see the photos, and rest assured that the VET HAS APPROVED the at home method and even gave us advice on how to properly treat, and care for each cat. 

    The nebulizer blows the medicine into the tub and the albutoral opens up their airways then the second medicine is gentamyacin mixed with saline and it is the medicine that is supposed to treat the infection. The box is necessary to ensure that it gets the treatment without stressing out the cat or kitten plus they are monitored during treatment. I personally go in two times a day and travel to fosters homes to do these treatments trying to save cost from the vet doing them!

    October 06, 2017