Help Save This Senior English Bull Terrier

  • Breed: Bull Terrier
  • Name: Martha
  • Color: White
  • Size: Medium
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: Senior

$810.00 raised of $2,000.00

Martha was found as a stray in Miami Florida and taken to Miami Dade Animal Services where she landed on the euthanasia list. We could not let this senior who was clearly the victim of neglect if not abuse, end her life in such a manner. Vermont English Bulldog Rescue and our Partner Bulldogs and Buddies has helped over 100 dogs thus far in 2017. We often take the seniors, moms left behind after pups are adopted, dogs needing surgery or long term care. 

The day that Martha was to be picked up and transported to the private vet clinic that sees all of our Miami dogs, a tumor on her abdomen ruptured. Did they treat her? No. Did they call or email us to let us know what was happening? No. They wrapped her in a bandage and handed her to the volunteer.Bayshore Vet Clinic cleaned and dressed the wound, which continued to bleed. Martha had surgery to remove the mass and send it for biopsy. Unfortunately the lab results came back showing that it was a skin based Hemangiosarcoma. We x-rayed her chest to look for metastasis. There was none. We did an abdominal ultrasound to look for masses or evidence of metastasis. There were some minor changes but not remarkable. We consulted with an Oncologist here in Vermont.

The plan is to get Martha to Vermont and remove the large mammary tumor that she has, then pamper and spoil her for as long as she has. There are some drugs that have few side effects that we can try to keep things at bay. However, we have opted against chemotherapy. Thus far VEBR has spent over $2000.00 helping this girl. We are facing another surgery and trying to get transport. All that is mentioned can be documented on paper or verified through the vet clinic. Please help us help Martha. At this time we have $2000.00 on our credit card and more to come. Additionally Martha and a second Bull terrier were stranded at the vet clinic when the hurricane hit. There was no power and no generator. They have been through enough. Any help is so greatly appreciated.


  • Martha will be transported north for Hospice care on Friday 12/8. His outstanding bill is around $1800. Any help is appreciated!

    December 06, 2017

  • Dr. Davilla performed the surgery. She said that removing every lump was Marthas best chance. They will go out for biopsy. Martha, as you can imagine is on iv fluids, pain meds and antibiotics. We are discussing pharmaceutical options going forward. Martha will have two weeks to recover then be flown to Vermont. We realize that many folks might wonder about all this cost and treatment for one dog. Our promise to every dog that we pull, purebred, mutt, young or senior. If we pull you. We treat you. However we can not do this alone. Every dollar helps.

    October 06, 2017

  • I received a call from Bayshore Vet Clinic in Miami today to let me know that Martha's mammary mass is bleeding and needs removal. She further said that she wants to remove all skin tags and lumps so that Martha does not have to go under anesthesia again.

    The pictures are gruesome I know. I choked when I saw them. Imagine how she feels! We were hoping to get her to Vermont for this next procedure but it is not to be. I believe that we have a potential hospice placement for her upon arrival but this surgery will put things on hold. We know that her last tumor was cancerous so we will send these out for biopsy.

    We are getting hit big time with helping FLA and Texas dogs, having to put in new kennels and vet bills. We can not go at this pace alone. The auction netted us about $1500. However some items remain unpaid and postage was out of pocket even though posted as extra. Some winning bids cancelled when bidder realized that there was postage.

    Transport for Texas puppies is $1600 plus vetting/spay/neuter/vaccines....I am at the breaking point. Lesson learned. Back to Martha. She needs this surgery now. Please help us help this girl who is reported to be the sweetest little thing on the planet. Martha's surgery is scheduled for tomorrow 10/6 in Miami. Although bandaged, her tumor continued to bleed all night.

    October 05, 2017