Hurricane Maria Disaster: We have lost our roof

The Guanica Animal Rescue Project has taken a real blow from Hurricane Maria. The situation is dire and we have sustained catastrophic damage on the island. The whole island of Puerto Rico is without power and it is not expected to be back for maybe six months. Our foster home has lost its roof and we need to rebuild as soon as possible to prevent more rain from coming in. We are raising funds to 'raise the woof' and other supplies; food, water, cleaning supplies, fresh bedding and medical as needed. We need help. Please.

We have heard from news reports that many roofs were blown away and rain and flooding continues in Guanica. Our roof was in jeopardy before the hurricane, so from limited reports, we know we no longer have a roof. This puts our rescues in grave danger. Just prior to Hurricane Maria, Hurricane Irma gave us a humidity spike which created an environment rich for airborne Parvo virus. And now Hurricane Maria.

We lost three of Manchi's puppies to Parvo and have two others at the vet since before Maria in treatment. No matter how much we bleached and cleaned we were not going to get ahead of Parvo virus when airborne. It is heartbreaking as our puppies were healthy, happy and eating like little piglets. We could not battle the virus with such extreme weather conditions battling back at us. We know we gave them the best chance that they never would have had if we had not brought them in with their mom, Manchi. We have to help and protect the survivors.

Our other fosters Romeo and Juliet could not fly out before the hurricane and we still have them in our care along with Hope, Forest and Manchi and her remaining three puppies. We also found one more pup of the litter that Romeo and Juliet are from wandering the streets and we have taken him in the day before the hurricane. His name is Cane.

Forest just started his heartworm treatment prior to the hurricane and this stress will not be good for him while he recuperates. He's come so far and now this. Again, we have to keep them all safe, dry and fed.

Please help our rescues. We're trying to give them a fighting chance and they all have come so far. They have suffered enough prior to rescue. We need to hold up our end and promise to protect them and continue to give them safety and shelter. There are many other dogs (and cats) that are awaiting help after this devastating hurricane. We need to help our rescues first and will be heading out to the community when safe to help the homeless animals in our area of Guanica.

Any amount helps. Please donate.


  • "Raise the Woof" - Construction starts - DAY ONE! We have to move ahead and get our roof repaired and we really are going to need donations to get this project done so our fosters are dry and safe. Hurricane Maria gave a beating to Wanda's roof where we care for and keep our fosters. Having a good roof over their heads is just as important as the good medical care we give them. We've had to put reserved funds for this project on shipping our 22 dogs out the first of December and it has wiped us out financially.

    Today, Miguel and his crew started removing all the old wood and zinc that was left. We need to pay them in full at the end of the construction which is one week away. 

    PLEASE help us out on this project. It set us back financially as we were preparing our 22 dogs for shipment and had to take money reserved for the roof. This repair will cost us $4,000 and we are OUT OF FUNDS. We can't keep rescuing and helping more dogs until we get this done

    December 15, 2017

  • Roof repair for "Raise the Woof" starts this week. We had to use some of donations that we had set aside for this project on the shipment as we came up short due to the vet bills and necessary supplies (crates, etc) and three van rentals for transport. This is not what we planned on doing, but had no choice. We have $1,000.00 left to go toward the roof repairs (materials and labor costs) which are going to cost about $4,000.00. Once materials are purchased, we'll have a better idea, but we need help to pay for this job so our fosters won't be rained upon. Hurricane Maria devastation is still with us and everyone is trying their best to make repairs and get back to some sense of 'normal'. We have to grab the carpenters when we can as they are all in demand right now. 

    We need to get this done so we can take in more dogs and provide them with proper shelter. Please help us get this project off the ground and completed. We need to get back to rescuing!

    December 11, 2017

  • We're nowhere near close enough to our goal off repairing the roof of our foster facility due to Hurricane Maria damage. We need to get this back on track after our 20 foster pups fly out the first week of December with other rescues we've taken in on a private airlift. 

    There has been so much rain the past few weeks since Maria hit and it isn't comfortable or healthy for our dogs to be living like this. Tarps aren't the best remedy and we need help to keep them dry.

    Please help us out with a donation if you would. Thank you!

    November 18, 2017

  • We are facing many hurdles and setbacks trying to get back on our feet after Maria. Communication is still very difficult and stores don't have many items stocked on their shelves yet. Wanda is reporting that some of the dog food in stores is not fresh and has moths in the bags.  Once again, my flight is cancelled and now re-booked for Oct. 20th. It is trying at best to communicate and get things done when not on the island and I know it will be even more challenging when I do get back without reliable cell service and no internet. 

    What little contact I've been able to make revolves around trying to get our 12 dogs shipped out to our partner and safety in Virginia from our far corner of the island. Our dogs aren't small enough to fit in cabin anymore and American and United tell us they are not shipping for at least another month. Private charters are taking dogs off the island, but expensive and hard to find and make contact with, but I'm continuing to try. 

    We're still behind raising money for repair of our shelter roof. Wanda has informed me that we will also need some electrical work done as well. 

    We need help continued help and support, please. We can't let our progress before Maria be all for naught. There will be plenty more dogs we will need to help, but we need to get our existing 12 dogs out to forever homes and get our roof repaired.

    October 11, 2017

  • We have to push really hard for funds. We do need help and we have to get ourselves beyond the curve to survive and help not only our existing fosters, but other dogs that we will be able to take in after our first and existing group ships in November, we hope.

    It is hard to explain what it is like on the ground and what is the new reality. It will take months to recuperate from this devastation and feed and rescue as many dogs as we can.

    We need ongoing help as this devastation to Puerto Rico and the animals is not going to end in another week. We need your help please.

    October 06, 2017

  • RELIEF! Hurricane Maria Update: It has been a stressfull and trying 12 days, which is and understatement to say the least. I finally spoke to Wanda today as my husband David was able to make contact with her and they were able to find a place where they could get cellphone connection. Both of them are safe, but living day to day in a new hell that doesn't have any end date in sight. Water is back, but sporadic. No power still and no internet connection, long lines for gas and cash and a few grocery stores are open. It's not fun in any way shape or form.

     My return flight from the states was cancelled and rescheduled for the 15th. In one way this is good as I have the means to use a phone and internet connection to get some things done to help our cause both on a personal level and for our fosters. It isn't easy though as I hit many roadblocks without communication working on the island and basic services.

     What Wanda was able to report is that Manchi's pups Sweet Pea, Buzz and Amelia all survived the pre-hurricane outbreak of Parvo virus and are now healthy. Manchi welcomed them back and they are doing well. The day before Maria hit our foster friend Nancy was able to rescue another puppy from Romeo and Juliet's litter that she named Cane (a male). He has been introduced to the group and is accepted and healthy. Hope is doing really well with high energy and Forest is handling his heartworm treatment with no problems and lets Wanda touch him. He is always thrilled to see her.

     The airlines are telling us that shipping won't resume for about another month (November) although we know that dogs are being shipped off island, but not on discount flights. Some have the resources to do charter flights. We don't, and we're on the far side of the island from the airport which isn't fully functional yet and I can't communicate back with Wanda to make reservations and prepare necessary paperwork that is needed. Many logistical hurdles to overcome from our area including fuel/gas shortages and no power for about 6-10 months still.

     I can't post new pictures or video as Wanda has no cell connection yet or internet. I have no idea if I will be able to even when I return mid month as I won't have power or internet either. The vet clinic is only operational from 9-12 noon as they are working off of generator power and have no phone service or power Wanda tells me.

     The dogs are fed and safe and so is Wanda most importantly.

     She did take a hit on her roof and when I told her we are getting donations to repair it for proper shelter for our fosters, she was very grateful and speechless. We can't leave Wanda hanging as she provides shelter for our rescues. As soon as we can get that project started, we will. Both Wanda and our fosters need this help.

     We need to continue raising money for the vet bill for Manchi's puppies pre Maria and post Maria, more rounds of vaccines and monthly preventative meds, food, eventual shipping and Wanda's roof.

    Hurricane Maria may be gone, but now the really hard part starts to put our selves back together and stabilize. We can't forget Hope, Forest, Manchi, Romeo, Juliet, Cane, Sweet Pea, Amelia and Buzz. We hope you won't either.

    October 03, 2017