Surgery to remove 3 large masses

  • Breed: Labrador Retriever
  • Name: Help Jesse become TUMOR-FREE!
  • Color: Tan
  • Size: Large
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: Senior

$1,800.00 raised of $1,800.00

Jesse has been carrying the extra weight of multiple masses for quite some time now. She longs to be be free--to run without being weighed down. Her masses continue to grow steadily; they have yet to weigh down her lively spirit, but she is relying on us to free her from this burden. 

Jesse is a gorgeous lab who joined our rescue recently. We need to get her help -- she has three very large and growing masses on her leg, shoulder and rear (which we've affectionately named Greg, Peter and Bobby). We know they are weighing on her, affecting her gait and especially her comfort. We're working with our partner vet to give Jesse the absolute best care possible, and they gave us great news after her recent vet visit: ALL of the tumors are REMOVABLE, but we NEED your HELP to get her relief and free her from these three! Removing the masses is costly, but in the end it will be so worth it.

Jesse likes cats and dogs and is doing really well meeting strangers, despite being a bit on the timid side. There's no reason she won't be able to find a great forever home. We want to give her hope for the best future possible -- and that includes giving her the chance to walk freely and feel relief that she likely hasn't had in a while. We are asking for the cost of the surgery, which we will pair with a dental to remove a couple of dead teeth, and the follow-up visits she will need to ensure the masses weren't cancer and that she is healthy and ready to be adopted. Please, give what you can. We are able to help more senior dogs like Jesse because of our wonderful volunteers and through generous donations from people like you. Jesse and all of us at Grey Face thank you so much for whatever you are able to donate toward her care. <3


  • What a difference in just a couple of weeks! Look how happy Jesse is now. She gets her staples out tomorrow -- and as you can see, she couldn't be happier about it. Jesse has really come out of her shell, thanks to help from an amazing foster family and good medical care. Thank you to everyone for the very generous donations. You made a direct impact on the life of one very special girl!!

    November 05, 2017

  • Jesse made it through her surgery!! She had a couple of teeth removed (her canines!) and more important, she's walking better after getting rid of her biggest mass, Greg! The smaller masses, Peter and Bobby, are gone too and the vet said everything went great!! We sent the tumors out to see what they even are and results will be back in about a week. Thank you to everyone who has helped out with this sweet girl, including her foster family, who have cared for her so well. We'll keep you posted on Jesse's progress. Once she's healed up, she'll be ready to meet any potential adopters and begin her new life!

    October 25, 2017

  • Great news!! Because of you, Jesse's surgery is FUNDED and she is scheduled to get her masses (nicknamed Greg, Peter and Bobby) removed NEXT WEEK! Thank you to everyone who SHARED her posts and DONATED toward her vetting care. Your dollars, in every amount, make a huge difference to helping save more lives. And for this sweet senior, your generosity means the whole world. We're excited to see how Jesse blossoms once Greg, Peter and Bobby are no longer weighing her down. We'll keep you updated on how things go!! For now, she wants to share a picture of herself enjoying one of her favorite pastimes with her buddy Roger. They like snacks. ;-)

    October 20, 2017

  • Jesse was in her element this weekend and her true personality came out. She LOVES the lake like a happy lab with no worries would! We want to give this girl more smiles and great days like this. Any amount you can contribute toward her surgery costs to remove her three masses is appreciated. She's a sweet girl who deserves the best. If you would prefer to mail a check, our mailing address is Grey Face Rescue, PO Box 7072, St. Cloud, MN 56302. THANK YOU so much for your kindness. Jesse and our team truly appreciate it!! 

    October 09, 2017