$655.00 raised of $650.00

I'm gonna get really raw with y'all.

EMMA LOU received the ultimate betrayal from the only family she has ever known. Her owners came to the shelter after they were closed on Friday evening and tried to surrender her. When the shelter told them they were closed, they said they just wanted her euthanized and left her there on the floor outside (see pic, HER TAIL WAS STILL WAGGING!) and drove away. She could not stand or walk on her own. 

She is a very sweet, well-natured dog and her family just royally screwed her -BIG TIME- in a kill shelter that is maxed to capacity. The shelter has bent over backwards and did what they could for her, but they could't hide/hold her for long- there wasn't any space. Emma Lou needed to see a Neurologist and needed an MRI asap.

I would like to save everyone the trouble of the outrage of how vets should do this work pro bono...the fact is they don't-- we wish they did but they don't. We as a responsible rescue can't pull a dog without the funds to do it, we could lose the house on Emma Rose and compromise the care of our other dogs if we get in over our heads. Bottom Line is, like you-Dallas Dog RRR did not want to see her die, but we couldn't save her without some support. Thanks to an incredible show of generosity, enough funds came in to send Emma Lou to the ER specialty center.

You look at this dog's eyes and she sees through your soul. It really grinds my gears when a dog gets done dirty like Emma Lou was. To just dump a family member on a dirty sidewalk after the shelter was closed and demand euthanasia is disgusting. She was owed more than that, she is a fine dog folks...very very sweet.

We have raised enough funds through our partnership with SCRNYC and everyone who has donated for her Neuro consult and Mri. She is now hospitalized at the specialty center for an undetermined amount of time, she is stable for sure and in great spirits. We hope that we can reverse the Paralysis. It could be anything, for example: Severed spine, genetic, slipped disk, pinch nerve, too soon to tell obviously and we will hope for the best. She could require emergency surgery, rehab, a wheelchair-- we will let you know when we find out.

This ordeal has has tested the strength and substance she is made of and she has surpassed anyone's expectations of how she has handled her families betrayal. We had a few volunteers meet her last night and they all said the same, "She is obedient, loving and just the sweetest". She was rerouted last night to a different ER and laid on the lap of a volunteers 9 year old child and fell asleep. She is a solid family dog. We hope to restore all movement in her legs and we will keep everyone posted on the results of her testing. Make no mistake everyone, her moral is very very good and she accepts the help and she is grateful for it. We will keep everyone abreast as soon as we know more--SHE IS SAFE AND LOVED!

Please help Emma Lou with the funds needed for her EXPERT care