Urgent Tibia Surgery for Baby Deputy

  • Breed: American Staffordshire Terrier
  • Name: Baby Deputy
  • Color: black & white
  • Size: Small
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: Baby

$462.00 raised of $1,700.00

Meet little Deputy, an adorable 4 month old puppy, found wandering the streets, alone and confused, and limping. Picked up by animal control and taken in and rescued by AHAR.  He was immediately taken to vet to have leg examined. X-rays were taken but have not confirmed as to exactly what was wrong. Baby Deputy was put on 1 week of rest and pain medication until we got a clear diagnosis for his injuries.

After the x-rays were re-examined by radiologist and head veterinarian, I was asked to bring Deputy back in for an additional round of x-rays. It was then determined little Deputy a broken knee, and would need surgery called Tibia Crest Repair. This surgery will give this baby boy the best shot at a normal healthy pain free life.

AHAR pays for all vet expenses out of pocket, the amount requesting help for is for all Deputy's current vet expenses and his surgery scheduled for this Monday, October 16th. Any help is greatly appreciated...this is just the sweetest puppy ever, a big lap boy. All who meet him fall in love!!!!!!


  • Deputy went to vet today to have his leg surgery. The vets did more x-rays beforehand and decided to hold off on surgery and see if the fracture heals on its own. Since he was already sedated we him neutered and microchipped.

    I adjusted his funding campaign accordingly, his total expenses so far are approx 1700 now instead of 3500. Any help towards Deputy's vet bills are still greatly appreciated!! He will be re-xrayed in 3 weeks.

    October 16, 2017