Rescued from a busy highway in Miami!

  • Name: Gingerbread Man
  • Color: Orange
  • Size: Extra Small
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: Baby

$1,995.00 raised of $3,000.00

A gentleman was driving to work in the pouring rain when he saw a tiny helpless kitten alone in the middle of the highway. He immediately pulled over to rescue the kitten, there was no mama or other siblings in sight. This little kitten is only 6 weeks old, has a severe upper respiratory infection, is full of worms and parasites, and will need his eye removed. Chain of Love Abandoned Rescue was contacted to take in this kitten, without hesitation they agreed to do everything possible to save his life and have named him Gingerbread Man. 

Gingerbread Man is very lethargic and is not eating. He is not strong enough to undergo surgery. His other eye has an infection, we are not sure if he has vision in it or how much damage was done however, we are hopeful it can be saved. 

Currently on fluids and in the hospital, we are hoping Gingerbread Man will gain strength for his surgery. Please donate to his care and healing, we have set the wish amount at $1,000 which may increase if the vets estimate raise. Gingerbread Man is a tiny kitten and deserves his second chance! Help us help him!


  • Well, Christmas has come and gone, but Santa could not help our Gingerbread Man get through the holidays without a setback. Sadly, because he is so young, his immune system is too fragile to allow him to have the surgery that he desperately needs. Doctors have been trying to help him along until he was old enough and strong enough to get surgery, but he keeps getting reinfected and now he has no options. We must go ahead with surgery because his eye has gotten so bad. His medical bills have exceeded $1000 trying to get him well enough for surgery. He has been admitted for 24 hour care to pump up his immune system and get his fever and virus under control. We desperately need your help to continue to help our Little Gingerbread Man. Please consider an end of the year, tax deductible donation to help this sweet boy.

    December 26, 2017

  • Our Gingerbread Man is getting stronger and stronger every day and he is almost ready for his eye surgery! He was feeling so grateful to all of the angels that have donated to his care, that he asked us to give you this message from him.....

    I was told that I was not going to live, but here I am. I was told that I would not see, but I see very well ( from my good eye ). My name is Ginger the kitten. I know very well that I am cute and charming, so just deal with it. I am ready to come home with you, play with you, snuggle, make you laugh, purr a lot, and be the best companion you have ever had, for life. I will even listen to Jazz if that is what you like. Did I already say that I like a good belly rub? Well, I do. I enjoy a clean litter box, and I am a already a pro at using it. I get along great with other animals, and can't wait to make new friends, but if it's just me and you, I am good with that.

    November 16, 2017

  • Happy Friday! Our Gingerbread Man is slowly improving. He is showing signs of the playful kitty that he should be! His eye is improving faster than his respiratory infection, but he is slowly getting better. We hope to be able to evaluate him for surgery in another week. He is still on a lot of medications, but he is eating on his own now which is really wonderful. We thank you for your continued support as the bills continue to grow.

    Thank you for helping our little Gingerbread Man!

    November 03, 2017

  • Good Morning,

    Our little Gingerbread Man has been spending each full day at the veterinary office receiving nebulizer treatments throughout the day as well as many other medications to fight his infection. His eye abscess is shrinking, which hopefully means the pain has been reduced, but he is still struggling with his respiratory infection. He did gain 1.5 ounces and they have determined that he is probably only 5 weeks old, not 6 as previously estimated. He is still on a lot of medication and the doctor says that it will just take time. He is showing signs that he is feeling a little better, no longer lethargic. He loves snuggling with his foster sister and his purr switch has turned on!!

    We still have a long road to recovery. Once his respiratory condition is under control, he will be evaluated for the surgery to remove his eye. Hopefully, he will be able to return to being a playful little kitten without a care in the world as he should be!

    Thank you for continuing to support his care.

    October 30, 2017

  • Gingerbread Man is showing signs of improvement, although they are slight. He did urinate today for the first time, he is on antibiotics, nebulizer treatments, pain meds, fluids, and eye ointment in both eyes. He is being hand fed, not yet eating on his own.

    It seems we will need to raise our goal to $2000. 

    Thank you to those who have contributed to help save Gingerbread Man, he greatly appreciates your support. 

    October 26, 2017