Support Bear's Cancer Battle & Ongoing Medical Care

  • Breed: Bully Mix
  • Name: Bear
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: Adult

$85.00 raised of $1,000.00

Hello everyone, my name is Bear. Some people call me Papa Bear.

My first family dropped me off at a kill shelter in Newark back in June because they said I was too big for them now. I thought to myself, "I am 7 years old, I am just too big NOW?!" But in I went, into that big scary place. I was determined to not let the shelter break me so that everyone could see what a great catch I am, but day after day, people passed me by. I am just about as cuddly and perfect as a real living teddy bear. I have the most perfect manners, I love everyone I meet, and I am just full of so much life. I just could not find the perfect fit.

And then the day finally came! I was asked to come outside to meet another dog that someone wanted, and turns out I was the one that caught their eye! IT WAS MY LUCKY DAY! Emerald City Rescue was breaking me out of that shelter to live the happiest life with the most perfect foster mommy! Turns out, she loved me so much that she decided she even wants to be my furever mommy!!!! HOW LUCKY AM I?!?! I get to hang out with my best friend for the rest of my life now!

As happy as I am everyday, lately, things have not been the same. There seems to be a lot of sadness around me, and I have been having to go to many different doctors appointments. I feel fine, so I am not sure what the big deal is. It was just a little blood work, and I handled it fine, if I may say so myself.

When the doctor felt my belly it tickled me a little bit, but he didn't seem to smile like other people do when they tickle my belly. He said he felt a "mass", and an x-ray confirmed that there is a tumor almost as big as my stomach growing on my spleen and messing around with my other organs.

I am starting to feel as though this is not a good thing. The doctor was using some big words and saying I have something called Splenic Hemangiosarcoma and Lymphosarcoma. Whatever that means. He is saying that because it is likely infecting my other organs, they wont be able to take it out, and that I wont be able to get any chemo either because I am an older man. Now I am REALLY starting to think this is not a good thing. I am not scared, because the doctor says I will never be in pain, but I still do not feel I am ready to leave this amazing life. I know this is becoming very expensive for my mommy, and that she is doing everything she can for me.

I am oh so very comfortable, and oh so very happy. But as my gums become more pale, as I begin to slow down, and as I require more and more doctor visits, I do not want my mommy's final memories of me to be how much money I cost her, but of what an amazing thing she has done for me just by giving me a second chance at a perfect life.

Please help my mommy pay for some of my medical bills, this will be ongoing care. I am sure that anything will help her. It all seems so unfair, but I just want her to be happy and I just want to love her as long as I possibly can. However long that may be.