Help Graceful Gracie Keep Standing

  • Name: Gracie
  • Color: Brown
  • Size: Large
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: Adult

$180.00 raised of $2,400.00

Gracie's blindness causes horrible injury to her leg that could possibly threaten her life.


This is Gracie and her terrible injury. She's been in the care of our rescue since November 2016. The sight in her left eye was already gone when we rescued her. Because of the blindness in her left eye Gracie didn't see the shoulder height sprinkler head that tore through her leg. Her disability almost cost her everything. Please help keep Gracie on her feet, any leg injury to a horse is very serious. Leg injuries that are not immediately fatal still may be life-threatening because a horse's weight must be distributed evenly on all four legs to prevent circulatory problems, laminitis, and other infections. If a horse loses the use of one leg temporarily, there is the risk that other legs will break down during the recovery period because they are carrying an abnormal weight load. While horses periodically lie down for brief periods of time, a horse cannot remain lying in the equivalent of a human's "bed rest" because of the risk of developing sores, internal damage, and congestion.

Please help us keep gracie standing, every dollar is a huge help.

Thank you