• Breed: Boxer Mix
  • Color: Brown
  • Size: Medium
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: Senior

Help Save Rudy: Hit by a car, emaciated,...


$1,255.00 raised of $1,500.00

Rudy was found as a stray who suddenly vanished while her rescuers were looking for her owners. They hoped she had gone home, until two weeks later she appeared starved, and nearly dead. They brought her to Rose Acres Rescue to keep her from being euthanized.

She is 8+ years old, not spayed, not chipped, has poor dental, heart worm positive, severely malnourished, and has shoulder and hip injuries from being struck by a car. She really struggled the first week in our care and only gained two pounds despite her new nourishment and hydration. I had to help her to the food bowls and every time I went to check on her, I expected to have lost her.

We added to her diet and changed her feeding pattern. This week she gained three more pounds! The vet feels she will survive at this time but wants to do blood work next week.

We are looking at:
$250 for blood work including chemistry panels.
$500 for heart worm treatments.
$250 for x-rays. She continues to limp and her mobility is still limited.
$200 for spay due to age and condition or if complications and/or prolonged hospitalization. 
$300 for complete dental exam and care including: Sedation, fluids, cleaning, extractions (if needed) and postoperative medications. 

Please contribute it you can, she has the sweetest disposition and her tail has wagged since she got here. Rudy will probably take about 3 months to get medically ready to be adopted. Every dollar is greatly appreciated for her healing and forever home!


  • Rudy's blood work is back. Her white blood cells are elevated, not entirely unexpected and her Red Blood Cells are very low.

    The vet has added medications and we are adjusting her diet. Her Spay, heartworm, and musculoskeletal treatments will be delayed until we get her blood chemistry normal. So far at least it is all fixable!

    Thank you for helping Rudy through her long road of recovery. Every donation is greatly appreciated and saving her life!

    November 15, 2017

  • Rudy has gained 5 pounds since her arrival to our rescue. We have been taking her on small and slow walks just outside the kennels, she tries to do more than she has energy to do. Due to heart worms, we keep her activity low. We don't want her stressing her heart.

    We are going to Vet for weight and lab work on Monday, Nov. 13. She still has to be lifted in and out of car and has a long road to recovery. We greatly appreciate your support during this time. Rudy is truly a sweet girl. She loves greeting me and the fence and waits for my arrival. 

    Thank you for supporting Rudy and following her progress.

    November 10, 2017