Seeking URGENT help for Cinnamon Girl.

  • Name: Cinnamon Girl (Rest In Peace)
  • Color: White
  • Size: Medium
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: Senior

$1,920.00 raised of $1,900.00

Super Urgent..... Happening right now. Please help Me!

I need medical care right now.

They call me Cinnamon Girl.....I'm probably the saddest face you'll ever see. My owner kept me in a cold basement. They let me suffer. I haven't eaten in weeks.

Almost Home begged my owner to surrender me. Thank heavens our manager was able to convince them. A picture speaks a million words. Please help me heal. My spirit is broken and so is my body. I need help to stand up. I'm am 8 years old.


  • Sweet Cinnamon was too weak for surgery. The vets were trying to build her strength up and her gall bladder ruptured and she passed away.

    We did everything possible to save her life. 

    She wouldn't eat they even tried a feeding tube.

    We did everything possible spending any amount of money the vets charged us. We didn't ever say no to one single test. It was us who said there has to be a reason she is not eating. We insisted on an abdominal ultra sound and that is when they found she had gall bladder disease. It needed to come out. She was so weak they felt she needed to get stronger to go under anesthesia. Sadly, her owners let her down and allowed her to suffer and be sick until we were finally able to get her from them.

    By then it was too late but we never gave up 

    We are all heartbroken and will never stop fighting against animal abuse. Cinnamon will not have died in vain. We will be stronger so we can fighter stronger....

    Thank you so much to all of you who have helped us with Cinnamon's Medical bills, all of the funds we have raised so far will go directly to the vet for her medical costs.   

    November 15, 2017

  • Hi it's me Cinnamon Girl.....I'm at the hospital now. I'm on standby for my surgery. 

    They cleaned me up a bit. I'm kinda scared for my surgery but I know I'm going to be all better. They are so nice at this hospital.

    I'm getting a lot of attention.

    Almost Home told me not to worry because all of you "Got my back." Almost Home told me the story of how they rescued me and how I'm going to have a really wonderful loving home. I can't wait for my happily ever after. So excited.

    I love you all so much



    November 07, 2017

  • Cinnamon is here at the hospital. She needs a lot of medical....

    She's on standby for surgery. This girl is in very poor condition we need HELP NOW!!

    Cinnamon needs to have a chain of mammary tumors removed and biopsied.

    She also needs to be spayed and dental. Along with a number of other medical problems.

    Our hearts are breaking and we know you all feel the same way.

    Please help us help her. Donate anything.... No matter small or big it all helps us pay the medical

    November 06, 2017