Help Flower recover from one of the most horrific injuries vet staff have ever seen

  • Breed: Shepherd
  • Name: Flower
  • Color: Brown
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: Young

$490.00 raised of $3,000.00

Left to fend for herself in the middle of the woods, Flower received one of the most massive and horrific injuries the vet staff had ever seen. 

Flower was one of dozens of animals that come from a large hoarding situation where dogs were over breeding, inbreeding, and dying from disease. Dogs were left to wander the rural woods surrounding the property. Flower and her older puppy wandered too far one day and were viciously attacked by an unknown animal. Her puppy, sadly, was killed but Flower somehow, by miracle, escaped and made it back alive.

The injuries that Flower sustained were absolutely devastating. The bulk of her backside was ripped off, as well as her tail, which was basically severed, right through the bone and off hanging on by a strand of flesh. Her flesh was rotting by the time she was brought into the Vet's Clinic. The caring vet staff were given the task of saving this dogs life and miraculously accomplished closing her massive wound (the size of a large cereal bowl). Unfortunately they were forced to remove her tail completely, there isn't even a stump left. On top of this, Flower was VERY pregnant and all the stress from the trauma induced an early labor. The Vet was scared she would not be able to birth naturally due to the placement of the injury, but Flower was strong. She knew what she had to do. 

Flower gave birth to 9 puppies, with her bottom freshly stitched up and in incredible pain. Unfortunately, only 4 of her babies were strong enough to survive the early birth. Five of them did not make it. 

Flower is going to need A LOT of medical support, emotional support, physical support and financial support as well as socialization and obedience training. She is a very sweet and loving dog and is able to show incredible gratitude to those who have helped her stay alive. We are all very invested in finding this loving girl a happy ending, but in the meantime, she will need one more major surgery to remove a very large umbilical Hernia and a Spay. We aren't sure how many litters she has been forced to have, but this WILL be her last.

Please help little Flower and her four Seedlings blossom into the wonderful and healthy dogs they were always meant to be! Every dollar counts!


  • This is Flowers first time back in the woods since she was viciously attacked by a predator and lost her tail and a large portion of her leg. I can't help but wonder what's going through her head. If she remembers the attack, if it has traumatized her. She seems to be walking okay but a little hasty

    November 30, 2017

  • A little visual update on Flowers chunky puppies. 

    Their eyes are opening and they make more noises now. Their hair is starting to create curly-Q's and feels nice and thick. They are very large little boys eating their fill!

    We can start to accept applications for these four boys and begin screening. Message us for an application.

    November 17, 2017

  • We want to give everyone a quick update on Flower and her four Seedlings. They are such chunky puppies, which means mama Flower is a great mom. We hear new noises such as gruffs and growls and its quite adorable. And best news of all, we have some eyes opening!!

    Flower is still very thin even though she has a high calorie food plan and low activity level. However her appetite is huge. She is hungry even after three huge meals a day! But as far as we are concerned, she can have all the food she wants. Thanks to our caring supporters, we are able to meet her hunger demands right now. Her stitches are coming out this week, but she is still on an antibiotic as her wound still weeps. :( We are still amazed at the location of the wound that she still has the use of her backside.

    We are learning more and more about her personality and are so thrilled to find that besides being protective of her seeds, Flower is a loving, affectionate dog. She asks to go potty outside, she sits for a treat, and she comes to her name. She likes to give herself a break by taking naps on the cool kitchen floor but always returns to her den at the slightest rustle of the puppies.

    Thank you everyone for your continued emails, and support for this tiny family. We could not help her without your donations!

    November 13, 2017

  • Flower and her seedlings are settled in with their new foster family. They've got a soft, warm space to feel safe, she can rest her body, heal and grow strong. Flower is a good little mommy! However we can tell that she is tired.

    Her traumatic injury is looking quite well. We were impressed at how different it looked from the first time we met her. The swelling has gone down. She is still battling an infection, but with rest and good nutrition, her body is going to fight back.

    Now that her puppies are on the outside, we see how thin she is. Of course, most canine mothers lose a lot of nutrition after giving birth and nursing, but we are hopeful to feed this gal lots and lots of high calorie food.

    Her babies are doing well. Four little male seedlings ready to sprout! They are precious. Our dotted boy is the chunk of the bunch. One of the puppies looks just like mama, one boy has a lovely smoky brown and the little fellow is a dark black and brown. We love them and we love sharing them with you.

    November 03, 2017

  • Hi all, we wanted to give you  a quick update on our girl, Flower. She's been staying with an experienced Vet to make sure she would not prolapse after giving birth. So far, Flower is doing okay!

    Unfortunately, four of her puppies did not survive. They were born very underweight and weak, and did not respond to any intervention to keep them alive. We can only imagine what a miracle it was that ANY puppies survived at all with the amount of trauma this mother went through just days before giving birth.

    However, four puppies are still alive and reported to be fat and healthy. We will pour all of our focus into them and their strong mama. You have all been so amazing with generously donating towards Flower's care! Every penny will benefit this small family. Keep them coming in, and keep the shares rolling, as Flower's health story is not over yet.

    Flower has a very large hernia under her belly that is life threatening. Its the size of a fist and must be removed along with her spay. That will also cost. Please continue to donate!

    November 02, 2017