Radical mastectomy of gangrenous mammary glands and total hysterectomy

  • Breed: Mountain Dog
  • Name: Ina
  • Color: Brindle
  • Size: Medium
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: Adult

URGENTLY  needing help!  Ina was pregnant, her body was full of tumors and infection. Now Ina is separated from her puppies, and still fighting off infection.  

After a lengthy 5+ hour surgery that went well into the evening hours last night, momma Ina is back home and resting comfortably. This sweet little brindle girl, who was found very pregnant and in a dump just six weeks ago has been through a lot recently. Shortly after being rescued she had a large litter of 12 puppies, and within the first 48-72 hours we lost three of them. Then, just this weekend she developed an abscess in one of her mammary glands. We immediately rushed her to the emergency vet and got her on antibiotics, but the gland became infected and gangrenous and spread to more mammary glands. Her surgery last night consisted of having multiple mammary glands and lymph nodes removed, as well as a complete hysterectomy as the infection had spread into her uterus. She's been separated from her puppies now so she can rest and recover and the pups have been started on a combination of milk replacer and gruel, which they are doing very well on.

The Rescue Crew will do whatever it takes for this family, but being a small and new rescue, Ina's urgent medical needs have been a significant hit to us financially. No donation is ever too small. Thank you.