Dozer needs medications for skin and feet- URGENT

  • Breed: English Bulldog
  • Name: Dozer
  • Color: Tri color
  • Size: Medium
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: Adult

With a broken spirit, no self esteem and empty emotions, we knew that Dozer was gravely mistreated in the past. 

Dozer was rescued last year when he was only two years old. In his short life up to that point, he had gone back and forth between multiple homes, often kept in a garage for long periods of time. Dozer's tail had been amputated and his paws were a mess from both allergies and being on concrete floors. His emotional issues, in addition to his health problems, caused him to be afraid of just about everything and everyone. 

His foster family invited him to relax on the furniture, pillows, and fluffy beds, but he wouldn't do anything except hang his head and sit quietly on the bare floor. Dozer didn't want to be touched, hugged, or petted. He didn't want to make friends with any of the other animals in the home and he would sometimes react in an aggressive manner in order to protect his "turf." Shortly after coming to our rescue, he developed a lung aspiration and had to be rushed to the vet. Thankfully, he fully recovered and did not develop pneumonia. Over the course of the next several months many treatments were applied to help with his allergies. 

In the last few months, Dozer's foster family has been treating his allergies consistently, as well as working on his behavior issues.. Dozer is finally beginning to open up emotionally, realizing that it is ok to receive love from humans. He often does a "smarty-pants" dance when he is happy and shows his joy. This development has been a slow process after years of mistreatment. During this time, he has also developed "Calcinosis Cutis" which is an extremely expensive health issue. Calcinosis Cutis are calcium deposits in the skin caused by skin damage. This condition is usually prominent in the footpads and mouth. In some situations, surgery can remove the calcium deposits. Dozer's disease is widespread and many calcium deposit lesions have appeared on his neck and back -- making surgery impossible at this time. Dozer is currently on daily treatments, including specialty baths, cold laser therapy, and oral medications. 

While these medications and treatments are helping Dozer tremendously, it is extremely costly for our rescue. Veterinarians expect that treatment will need to continue for multiple months. To help this sweet, handsome boy attain full recovery, we desperately need your help. 

When Dozer recovers he will be able to find his furever home. No amount is too small, and every dollar is appreciated.    


  • Thank you all for your support with Dozer. It is always such a hard and heartbreaking decision when faced with dogs that are good for most of the time and they want to be good so bad, but they just act out in dangerous ways sometimes. That was Dozer. He was such a good boy, just a tormented boy that couldn't break his aggressive streak.

    Cheri and Russel did such an amazing job with him for the long while they had him. As a first foster, Dozer was definitely challenging, both mentally, emotionally, and medically. They did a wonderful job being patient with him and showing him love and understanding, despite his issues They never gave up on him.

    IEBR has been known to take on the difficult cases. The cases that other rescues turn away. It is because of all the fosters, transporters, and supporters out there that IEBR can give the less wanted ones a chance. A chance to flourish. A chance to live a life that they deserve. A chance to be loved. A chance to know that there are people that care so much for them.

    No matter how hard some of these decision are, no matter the outcome, we did not fail Dozer. Dozer was a success. I choose to look at it in a way that we gave him every single chance. We didn't shy away from his problems. He was give love, patience, medical attention, he was given a chance. He knows he was loved more than ever. That's where his success was. It is different for each foster. We hope they end up in a forever home, but that isn't always possible.

    Just remember, humane euthanasia isn't a fail. It is one of the most heartbreaking successes sometimes. We stepped up as a group and made the hard choices. He didn't go alone, he went with a full belly and knowing just how loved he was. He didn't leave this world without a family, IEBR was his family.

    February 28, 2018

  • Hi, Everybully. Its me, Dozer. I just wanted to tell you that I've been still working on getting well. My feet still bother me A LOT, but we're working on that. The rest of my skin feels a lot better though. I've been resting a lot and getting a lot of snuggles in trying to get well.  Thanks again for sending me all the presents and stuff off of my wishlist. The supplies really help a lot too.  <3 Love you all. -Dozer

    January 08, 2018

  • From Dozer's temporary foster Mom (who also happens to be his veterinarian) as of 12/20/17:

    His skin is significantly improved from when I first got him. He has hair in most places and only has random areas of crusting and bleeding. The bleeding is getting less and less and the crusts are slowly going away. All of this is great!   

    His feet are still an issue, he still has IDCs out the wazoo. The dermatologists do not recommend surgery at all and recommend aggressive medical management. The first of which is a super hypoallergenic diet. He had a lot of diarrhea issues when he first came and I got it under control initially then it just got crazy (the two tests I requested last time were negative, which ruled out some things).....So, I went back to basics. I pretty much discontinued all meds except fish oil and hydroxyzine. His diarrhea was under control. I have been slowly transitioning him and he's been doing great. Frequency and consistency of his stool has been fabulous. I'm hoping this will go well as we complete the transition. 

    Most other meds that I start him on give him horrid diarrhea. I will slowly add in medications after the complete transition of food to make sure I know what triggers diarrhea if it happens. He needs meds to help his feet and skin issues, but it's just hard. 

    He has been really strange lately, I was really worried it was pneumonia, but his lungs were clear. So, I rechecked blood work. I had checked it last month to make sure we were on the right track. It was fairly unremarkable and I was happy with it. His albumin (the major protein in the blood) was mildly low at 2.2 (normal is 2.5-5.0). I didn't think twice with the ongoing diarrhea and the major skin issues, both of which can cause a mildly low protein level. When I checked his values yesterday it was a sad 1.7. Since his skin has improved and he doesn't have diarrhea, he is either losing it somewhere else or he isn't making it. Both of which aren't good news. Usually, when protein levels get this low we usually give steroids to get the levels up again, but he can't have them, now or ever. 

    The key is finding out why they are low. There are two blood tests I'm considering, one is testing liver function. And the other is for Addison's (his electrolytes were also a little strange), which is less likely.

    Honestly, this poor guy is a medical mess. I've been discussing his case with the other doctors and we are all stumped with him. He's really challenging medically, but he's a very sweet guy with some quirks. lol. He hangs out in the office and snores like a freight train :) 


    We did a quick ultrasound today. His liver is darker than normal and his kidneys are a little off. No major shunts or weird things noted otherwise. We will do a liver function test on Tuesday. (12/27/17) We have 3 doctors on this case, since he's so tough.  He's actually doing quite a bit better today. But, I'm still worried. He's being a good boy and he loves hanging out at work with me :) 

    December 27, 2017

  • Christmas came early for Dozer this year!  Thank you so much to everyone who showed Dozer so much kindness and support! He received a lot of his WISH list items today and he is loving all of it!! 

    December 11, 2017

  • We made some medication changes, Dozer's diarrhea is improving and he got his shirt off for his bath and a little while to dry. The shirt is causing a dermatitis under his chin, but if I leave the shirt off he is scratching until he bleeds. It's a give and take situation. But today, he's happy. I think the weather helps, he's been hanging out outside in the sun on the nice days and seems to really enjoy catching the rays!

    His feet still bother him, they haven't Improved at all, but I think he forgets about them at times. Its nice to see him a little cheery, this is the most active he's been since I've had him.

    November 30, 2017

  • When he came to me, he was diagnosed with calcinosis cutis and a deep skin infection. The calcinosis cutis is caused by long term steroid use or Cushing's disease and is basically deposits of calcium in the skin. He had lesions all over his body and it was very severe. The skin infection was just because of the damage to his skin. We are treating the skin infection with doxycycline and it is going well. I have discontinued the steroids and the calcinosis is improving, but it can take 6 months for the body to resorb the calcium and for his skin to return to mostly normal.

    In addition to his skin issues, he still has severe interdigital cysts on all four paws, in between multiple toes. These are why he was on steroids, as it was the only thing that would help them, and why he got into this mess. I have not found a solution to them, other than soaking them, which is not exactly helping greatly. He's on pain meds, but I'm sure his feet still hurt. Surgical intervention is the best option to truly treat them, but I'd have reservations since his feet are so affected. I'm kind of stuck here.

    His other issue is his chronic diarrhea. Initially, he was on z/d, in case his IDCs were due to a food allergy. He has had diarrhea off and on since April (or sooner) and the z/d did nothing for his feet so I changed him to w/d, which is good for fiber responsive diarrhea. That with pumpkin and Metamucil and I had a good handle on his diarrhea. He had normal, firm, regular stools for almost 3 weeks. The last 2 days, he has had a severe return of his diarrhea. I haven't changed meds or his diet, so I am at a loss right now. I have a few things to try, but I think he needs a fecal sent off (a fancy one to look for strange organisms) as well as a GI panel (his last blood work was normal, so it's not normal things). These tests combined cost probably around $200.

    Two days ago, he was pooping 2-3 times a day. Today, he's had 6 bouts of straight diarrhea. He's a sad boy and I can tell he doesn't feel well. I'm working on getting it under control, he's going to work with me tomorrow for another bath and laser treatment.  

    I have discussed his case with 3 other doctors at the practice and they are at a loss as well. I will be posting his history to VIN, hopefully I'll get some other ideas. Its sad because I am getting his skin to improve by leaps and bounds but I'm struggling with his feet. Then I get his diarrhea under control only to have it spiral out of control. His behavior issues that he had initially I'd say are pretty under control. He did have a moment at 4 am yesterday when he refused to go outside and tried to tell me in a forceful way (He woke me up, I assumed to go poop). And, one other time he got upset when I wiped his bottom, which is probably because his bumm is sore. 

    -Dozey's temporary foster Mom & vet 

    November 16, 2017