Rocky's a fighter!

  • Breed: English Bulldog
  • Name: Rocky
  • Color: Salt & Pepper
  • Size: Small
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: Baby

$405.00 raised of $3,000.00

Rocky came into BHNW's care last week at the tender age of just 3 weeks. Rocky is suffering from a congenital condition called megaesophagus in which the esophagus is enlarged and lacks muscle tone. Rocky also has pneumonia as a result of his esophagus not functioning properly. Rocky is appropriately named after Rocky Balboa. Despite significant odds against him in his early weeks, he has not only fought to survive but he is growing, playing and thriving. Many dogs can live long lives with this disorder when receiving proper care for this condition.

We first and foremost want to assure the public that Rocky is comfortable and not in distress. Rocky has a very long and tenuous road ahead of him as his team of medical experts helps him with his recovery from pneumonia and monitors his overall health. Our team has his very best interest at heart and we will always keep that in mind as his conditions changes ? hopefully for the best. We will continue to monitor his comfort and quality of life in the weeks to come. Rocky's challenge this week (he is 4+ weeks now) is for us to continue to see improvement in his pneumonia and to start to see if he can make the transition from formula to food. We will of course, continue to provide updates on his condition and we will be sharing more about this condition and care requirements with future posts.

We need your help! Rocky's care will be very expensive. He is facing ongoing specialty care, medication, x-rays, treatments, and possible surgeries. He, and all the dogs in our care, receive the best care possible. We cannot provide the opportunity for health and happiness for these dogs without the generous support of our donors. None of our volunteers are paid and all proceeds go directly to the care of the dogs. Will you please consider donating to Rocky's care today? All donations that are not used for Rocky will go towards the care of other bullies in our foster program.


  • ***Rocky Update***

    Rocky is now 9 weeks old and has made the big move to his foster home. While this is exciting, he is still far from out of the woods. Rocky may look totally normal (and cute!) on the outside but he has internal deformities that threaten his life. We are hoping with age, he will gain strength and stamina to live a full life.  

    Rocky has Megaesophogus which makes eating is incredibly difficult. The big issue is he is very underweight. As he comes into our care, we are striving to put weight on him and he has gained a more than a pound over the last week and weighs nearly 7 pounds. Rocky has to eat sitting totally upright, which is why he's in this garbage can for feeding time. He's so hungry and really wants to eat but, because his esophagus fills up, he has to be fed slowly so it doesn't affect his breathing. He also loves to try to play like a puppy but he tires easily and just doesn't have the stamina of a typical puppy. Feeding times are labor intensive as we carefully monitor him for any distress. Thank you so much to our volunteers who have taken this on!! They are literally life savers!!

    Our volunteers certainly aren't in this alone. We would also like to thank Rocky's veterinarian, Dr. Gonzalez, who has been giving him the best, loving, and individual care!! Thank you!!

    Please, PLEASE consider contributing to Rocky's care. We rely on your support and donations to care for Rocky and all the other dogs in our care. We have so many with special needs and high medical costs right now! Please donate and share!

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    Thank you for your support, and Happy Holidays!

    December 23, 2017

  • Rocky update – Sweet Rocky is continuing make progress. At his vet visit this week, he has gained about ¾ of a pound. As you can see in the video, he is a playful little guy who is full of spunk! Be sure to turn the volume up so you can hear him.

    Rocky continues to have a long road ahead of him. While he looks perfect on the outside, he has internal deformities which make his future uncertain. Rocky's vet, Dr. Gonzalez, was very happy with his recent progress. She is also encouraged by a recent new study using a drug which significantly reduced the number of regurgitation episodes in puppies with megaesophagus. This is the issue that can cause pneumonia when the regurgitated material gets into the lungs. The drug also demonstrated a much better weight gain in those pups receiving it versus the placebo. Rocky is a bit underweight right now. This drug is Viagra. Yes, you are reading that correctly. Rocky also started on some food this week and so far, has tolerated it well.

    PLEASE – we continue to need your help with Rocky's current and future expenses. Please consider donating to his care and/or the care of our other bullies. Every little bit helps!  

    November 20, 2017