Abandonment and neglect left Soya infested with parasites and infections

  • Breed: Select Breed
  • Name: Soya
  • Color: Tan
  • Sex: Female

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Abandonment and neglect left Soya infested with parasites and infections all over her body.

When Dog Rescue Thailand got reports from tourists about a dog in really bad condition, they jumped to action. They did not know they would be headed to one of the most severe neglect cases they've ever seen. Her claws were the longest they have seen and she has sarcoptic mange and a fungus infection. She was taken to the clinic to get her claws cut and blood tests done but has a long road ahead of her. 

Soya is at the shelter and she don't like it! She wants to be free. But to give her the care she needs we have to keep her here. She is really friendly and loving. She wanted to be saved and we are hoping that she will have a better future now. 

She has blood parasites, eye infection and sarcoptic mange that we are treating her for. Her claws are cut as much as possible at this point without hurting her. Please DONATE and help save her life!



    Very sad news for everyone ; Soya had to be put to sleep... After getting the vet's advice and looking at her, there was too little hope. She suffered so much and didn't want to fight to survive anymore...

    Some dogs simply have suffered too much and don't really want to live anymore...

    She was put to sleep yesterday, surrounded by our team so that her last moments were not spent alone...

    December 15, 2017

  • Here is an update about our poor little girl...

    Soya, rescued a couple weeks ago. She was put under fluids in order to help her recover. As you can see, she is still all skin and bones...

    We hope she keeps recovering... her case is very serious concern. Our shelter personnel is really taking good care of her. She is fed a part from other dogs and she gets the chance to be pet and walk around everyday.

    Poor little Soya, a victim of terrible neglect.

    December 14, 2017

  • Soya still looks really bad. Ridiculously thin and her skin is very sore.

    But she is doing well, she has regular showers to wash all the crust away and help her to heal. While she's still sore, she's definitely improving, her feet were very swollen, and still are, but now you can start to see her toes as the swelling is going down. She goes for walks and takes herself back to bed when she's ready.

    December 04, 2017