Wally was beaten to near death and lost his eye

  • Breed: Labrador Retriever
  • Name: Wally
  • Color: Light
  • Size: Large
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: Young

Wally was tied to a chain when he was brutally attacked by his owner. He was left there bleeding all night until he was turned over to animal control the next morning.

We received a call from the Lebanon Animal control regarding Wally and his traumatic experience.  He was left alone all night bleeding from the horrible hits he had taken upon his head. His owner had chained him up and beat him with a metal pry bar.  Wally was left laying there all night long. When he was found the next morning, he barely had any life left in him.

Our hearts were breaking for this sweet boy. I kept thinking, "I have to go get this poor baby to the vet, and end his suffering. No way could an animal survive so much head trauma."

Even worse, it was a Sunday; in a small town. When I arrived at the Pound, it was even worse then the picture. Blood was pouring out of Wally's eyes, and nose. He was laying in a pool of his own blood. All of this, was at the hands of his owner. The one person who he loved the most. It took about an hour to get a call back from my vet. With help, Wally was loaded in the back seat of my car and I headed straight to my vet. The whole time I was thinking that I was heading there to end this sweet boys suffering.

When I was less then half way there, I looked in my mirror and Wally was sitting up in my back seat looking at me. I was in total shock, I couldn't believe my eyes. I can remember looking back at him, giving him my arm to lay his head on. Then I told him, "Ok boy, you want to live. We will help you live." 

Now we need help with the cost of all of his medical care. To us, he is priceless, but vet care is expensive. 

You can see in his picture, he has had to have his eye removed. The scars on his head are now hidden because his fur has grown back. We need to raise $2,000 to help with Wally's Medical bills. We are begging for your help.  Donations are appreciated in all sizes, no amount is ever too small. Thank you for helping us, help Wally.