70 Dogs & Puppies Dumped With Tied Muzzles/Paws

70 dogs and puppies dumped with their muzzles and paws tied with rope.

We had reports of dogs being abandoned at the Kao Sam Pao Tong mountain near Ban Phe. There have been several rescue attempts since November 23rd. Nobody is sure how long the dogs have been there. Many had nylon rope tied around their muzzles and had their paws hog-tied.

Sadly it was too late to save some dogs. Volunteers managed to save 20 puppies and around 30 adult dogs. Some are too scared to come out of the forest so we need to use traps to try to lure the other ones out.

Another 40 dogs are at a neighboring shelter which has over 400 dogs and only 3 personnel to run it. Rescue will continue until all dogs are safe. Please donate so we can save every last dog stranded in the forest!