URGENT need of tile floor for wheelchair pup

  • Name: Dan
  • Size: Urgent need

Dan was hit by a car and left laying in the road unable to use his back legs.

Our employee Uh and our volunteer Deborah saw this poor injured dog laying in the middle of the street. We think he got hit by a car, because he couldn't walk and one of his legs is very injured. He was also infested with ticks and fleas and had multiple injuries to his eye. He is now safe but will have many medical bills to come in order to get healthy and move around properly. 

We have fitted him for a wheelchair and he seems to be adjusting pretty well. But we must make a decision... would surgery be a the best option for him? We are currently discussing with our vet team in order to select the best option. Dan is a happy dog and we want him to get a happy life.

We are concerned because we do not have the proper installations at the shelter to keep a dog with a wheelchair. Our floor at the shelter is dust, and this isn't proper floor for a wheelchair to move on. There are little rocks everywhere which makes it very difficult for him to get around. We need to renovate and put tiles!

Please support Dan and other street dogs like him by donating to our cause!



    Sorry for the graphic pictures! But we wanted to show you how Dan's paws are healing pretty well these days. We have padded his back legs so that he can at least protect his paws when dragging himself around the shelter.

    We also ordered some special little boots for him, which will be even better until the shelter's floor is all paved and secure for him to walk with his wheelchair.

    January 16, 2018

  • *Warning : graphic content*


    As you know, Dan needs a wheelchair to walk around the shelter because he can't use his back legs. But our floor at the shelter is stones, rocks and sand. This is not appropriate at all for a wheelchair, and thus Dan can't use it. He has to drag is back feet over the stones and has no more skin on one part of his foot. He can smell the blood but doesn't feel the pain, and is now starting to eat his foot.

    It is very desperate that he gets a tiled floor very soon.

    Please, we need some money to be able to tile our floor, because we do not currently have sufficient funds to do so.


    January 08, 2018