Not happy Holiday For Cuddles

$330.00 raised of $500.00

Poor Cuddles , what a horrible time of year to be surrendered. to lose everything familiar that you have known most of your life.... and top of it when anxiety already exusts now , she is with strangers..... who are absolutely doing their  best for this lost soul. We have taken her back int othe rescue just a day before Christmas. Its the end of the year, funds are non existent but we couldnt let this nervous, baby end up in a worse situation. 

We are in great need of funds to temporarily board her and our vet has recommended a trainer to assess her behavior and meds that her previous owner had her on. 

Please keep this sweetie in your thoughts and give uf possible to help us help her . 





  • The Cuddles lost her home and family but is doing well. Our bill to vet her and assess her was $472 :/ in great need of help - good news is Cuddles is doing great ;) 

    January 03, 2018