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Paralyzed Peanut needs your help

Found with a broken back and paralyzed legs, mama Peanut desperately needs help.

Poor little Peanut was found dragging her back legs around an abandoned factory in Thailand. Not only was her back broken (we think due to being hit by a car), but she had recently given birth to six puppies who she was unable to feed, due to her condition. She had severe drag wounds on her feet that were cut down to the bone and her ribs were protruding from being so emaciated.

When Headrock Dogs Rescue rescued Peanut, they found her covered in mud and in pain. Vets say she was extremely lucky to still be alive.

Once at the hospital, doctors thought they would have to amputate her back leg. However, she is too weak for surgery, so they are dressing the wounds daily in hopes they heal in the meantime.

Please support this sweet mama Peanut by donating to her medical care so we can get her walking again and reunited with her pups!

If you would like to sponsor Peanut and her recovery, please contact us!


  • Little Peanut gave us a scare recently. When she was spayed a few weeks ago, the vet found one of her ovaries was badly infected and full of pus. This was a shock because she'd been eating so much and was a bit swollen and we wondered if she was pregnant. 

    Thank heavens we took her to be spayed otherwise she would have been vey sick. The vet thought she may have gotten the infection when she was in heat. 

    Little Peanut is back on form now and loves trotting on the grass and meeting new friends. Her next adventure will be swimming in the sea! 

    July 10, 2018


    We were amazed to see her back legs wiggling back and forth like she's trying to get them out of the stirrups. Peanut must have feeling to move them so energetically. 

    We're not sure if this is a good or a bad sign that she's not happy in her cart. We've shortened the side bars because her back looked a bit stretched. 

    Korn our nephew encurages Peanut every day to walk with her cart. They adore each other and Korn is a wonderful example of a dog loving teenage Thai.

    April 11, 2018

  • Yesterday we took little Peanut for an x-ray and second opinion regarding her operation. This vet believes that Peanut's hematoma swelling is due to a trauma from a knock as she whizzes around in her drag bag or due to her sitting in the same place causing irritation and infection. It also could be a tiny bone splinter causing irritation but the x-ray doesn't show anything.

    Both vets recommend the area should be opened and cleaned of all infection. It's in a very difficult place to keep clean as it is right next to her vulva.

    Post op. care would need to be excellent to ensure no infection gets into her operation incision. We'll be highly diligent but we don't have an onsite sterile clinic to keep her in. We're now waiting for a 3rd opinion later this month before we make a final decision. 

    March 08, 2018

  • Very last minute delay in little Peanut's scheduled surgery. We had a call from someone very experienced in these surgeries and she wants to visit Peanut and assess if she is in true need of this operation or not. So we will talk to her and then weight the pros and cons. Will keep you posted!

    March 02, 2018

  • Peanut has to have an urgent surgery this week. As if the poor little dog hasn't had enough pain in her life, she now has to go under the knife on Friday. 

    The vet believes the hematoma over her hip bone is due to a tiny bone splinter. This must have happened when she had her horrible accident. 

    If Peanut doesn't have the operation the hematoma will have to be drained every week and possibly cause infection. Our vet doesn't have inpatients so we'll have to handle Peanut's post-op care which will be quite difficult. 

    The hematoma is next to her vulva and we'll have to make sure she doesn't get infection from her urine or feces. Thank you for your help!

    February 28, 2018

  • THANK YOU to everyone who has donated! Any additional funds donated will be used for Peanut's on-going physiotherapy and rehab. Thank you so much again, Peanut cannot thank you enough!

    February 16, 2018

  • PEANUT GETS HER FIRST PHYSIOTHERAPY! Caroline who will be joining our team soon has experience with over 60 paraplegic dogs. Little Peanut has feeling in her right back leg so we don't want her joints to calcify because she may have the ability be able to walk again in the future.

    We know that's a long way off but regular physiotherapy appointments will help a lot. Peanut has come a long way since she was found half starved in a car park 3 months ago. We have had a cart donated to her that will hopefully arrive soon, If you'd like to help Peanut in her long and no doubt bumpy road to a brighter future please continue donating! 

    February 12, 2018

  • POOR LITTLE PEANUT HAS A NASTY SWELLING ON HER BOTTOM. I noticed it last week and decided to observe it. Today we took her to the vet because it wasn't getting any smaller. It was full of blood (hematoma) which the vet extracted easily with a needle. Luckily the blood hadn't become hard and black. We think she must have knocked herself when rushing around in her drag bag. I hope she's more careful when she gets her cart! Please help little Peanut get strong and healthy and click our links to Peanut's fundraisers. Every penny and dollar will help her. Thank you

    January 26, 2018