URGENT: Stewie having uncontrollable seizures!

$65.00 raised of $1,000.00

Stewie seemed fine one minute, then had an uncontrollable 40 minute seizure!

Stewie was rescued by DREAM Animal Rescue and the shelter had reported that a volunteer had seen Stewie "stumbling around, falling over and appearing neuro then approximately 10 minutes later, called back to say the was ok now." The shelter vet monitored the dog and felt he was acting normal but suspected a possible seizure. Once rescued and in foster care everything was going great until about 10 days ago. Stewie had a tiff with a resident dog and then suddenly went stiff and began to seize. We took him to the vet and they treated him and sent Stewie home and just asked to monitor him to see if it was an isolated incident. 

Well early this morning (1/11/18 at 6 am) Stewie had a major seizure and it did not stop. He was rushed to the emergency animal clinic and was treated after seizing for 40 minutes. The started an IV and gave him Valium and suggested some testing to learn the cause of his now possibly 3 known seizures. We will be taking him to our regular vet for the diagnostics and starting him on regular anti-seizure medication. Diagnostics can be very expensive but many things could be causing the seizures and if there if a cause that we can treat we need to help! 

We fear the reason he was "dumped" at the shelter is that he was having seizures and the owner did not want to treat/help him but sadly if we had known his past medical history he could have been on medication that would have prevent these horrible seizures.

Please help us raise money to cover the costs of diagnostics. I will post estimates and updates as we learn more!