Dumped by breeder after 20 litters

$50.00 raised of $1,000.00

Chloe was nothing but a piggy bank and breed machine before she was dumped by her previous "owner".

Chloe was rescued after she was no longer useful to the breeder due to her extensive medical issues. Her entire body was infected (eyes, ears, skin), she had signs of organ failure, and she had pneumonia and bronchitis. Chloe has spent months in the hospital undergoing continuous medical treatment to save her life. Her rear legs and back are damaged from being strapped into a contraption that kept her legs up and open so the breeder could have males mount her over and over. At the young age of 4, the vet found roughly 15-20 c-section scars from her being bred time and time again.

It has taken us six months to get her healthy, but now she desperately needs another surgical procedure. She has an appointment to see if she can have surgery on her palate and teeth, as well as finally get spayed. If she is healthy enough for the soft palate surgery, she will be able to breathe again normally. Right now, Chloe is still very weak. She can't go more than a few steps without stopping to catch her breath. With the upcoming medical treatments, we have faith that she can make a full recovery. Please donate so we can give her the life she deserves


  • Today our wrinkly lady, Chloe went to see her best friend, the specialist!

    We thankfully got great news! Dr. Kraemer immediately noticed her tear production and breathing was 100x times better and although her ear infections are not completely gone, they are definitely much better. Her folds' infections are gone but will continue the fold cleaning as is usual for this breed.

    She had an EKG and xrays done to check on the heart health and make sure her bronchitis pneumonia is completely clear. The results were sent to the radiologist and hopefully it is all in the clear!

    She does have an old ulcer in her eye and a small cyst between her toes that will be taken care of at the same time as her spay and palete surgeries happen next week on Thursday. Her dental will be done a few weeks after to avoid a lot of swelling in the mouth.

    We are so excited for Chloe to finally, (after such a long journey!!!) Be healthy, happy, pain free and ready to find a home.

    January 15, 2018