Kingsley needs x rays , bloodwork , neuter

Kingsley arrived to us here with severe trauma to the neck, side, and face. He was all tail wags and smiles despite the horrendous ordeal he has been through.

He has one of the sweetest smiles we've ever seen. Kingsley was found as a stray in an awful state, inevitably ending up in a kill shelter in Florida because of his injuries, and obvious disability. Kingsley did really well during his neuro appointment; we are now having a spinal x-ray to rule out any malalignment of his vertebral column. If it comes back normal, an MRI is the next step in his long recovery. His injuries are located on his spinal cord, which causes something known as wobblers syndrome. Possible causes include: 1) traumatic injury to spinal cord (he was possibly hung by his neck), or 2) spinal chord stroke (fibrocartilaginous embolism).

Tomorrow we start further assessments, x-rays, and blood work. It will be a long road to figure out what is actually wrong with him, but his strong and loving heart assures us this gorgeous pup will be make it through.

PLEASE help us support Kingsley. He deserves all the love and support in the world.


  • Kingsley  is scheduled for his MRI on Monday. We are in need of $1200 for this test. Please every dollar adds up!  We can all do our small part, to make a huge difference in someone’s life, and in this case it’s Kingsley ! 


    February 13, 2018

  • Kingsley has been x-rayed, and the findings are that there is no sign of a visible break to the bones. We are now looking at possible nerve trauma or, possible birth defect. We are in need of funds to have him assessed by a neurologist.

    He is such a sweet boy, and deserving of our support please consider helping with his care.

    we thank you


    January 18, 2018

  • Well it looks like we will be seeing a neurologist for Kingsley. The x-rays do not show any evidence of obvious bone trauma, rehealing,  arthritis, or abnormalities . 

    There is a possibility of nerve trauma, and we cannot rule our birth defect at this point. 

    Poor Kingsley has also come down with URI so he is in isolation, and has hookworms. 

    His orthopedic bed is slated to arrive tomorrow, and his sling for assisted walking arrived just now! 

    Please help us support this special boy. It may be a long haul .


    January 17, 2018